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  1. Yeah, probably shouldn't have done this. I haven't looked at the posts below this one but I just know what the responses will be. You live and you learn. Good luck.
  2. I'd prefer nations getting permanent bonuses from having such achievements. Would really add a sort of specialisation factor allowing unique nation builds and so on similar to the old perks idea. Sheepy once floated about.
  3. Two words. Shabby statesmanship. Actually no, four words. Shabby statesmanship and paranoia.
  4. I would be a god amongst men if I could get the likes of Buo and Sketchy to listen to me And even if that did occur, you would still be a second rate amateur. Fixed it for you. No need to thank me.
  5. Pretty amateurish to believe that military muscle is the tool required to finish this job and get us around to accepting your manner of thinking. Especially considering half of your own starting coalition have rejected such thinking. It's the fundamental flaw in your alliance's strategy which is based upon numbers and strength alone. Truth be told, if I was member of NPO or BK, I would be furious with my gov for passing up a sure victory a couple months ago in return for what is essentially an open and growing insurgency. The costs of which NPO's members are being asked to mostly bear since nearly two thirds of guineas are no longer paying taxes and the likes of Camelot , goons and BK along with others on your coalition are being supplied by NPO. I'm amazed NPO's gov hasn't been couped because you lot sure as hell deserve it for sheer incompetence.
  6. Thank you for your assistance and good luck with the rebuild.
  7. Sorry, I will go with option B thank you. Close doors and lose existing allies during a war. Clearly the better choice wouldn't you think? On a serious note, how the hell does Coal B even manage to blame anyone else but themselves when they have had what, half their original coalition turn on them during a war? How is it even logical that somehow it isn't their fault and it is instead everybody else who is to blame?
  8. This man has a point. What right do NPO and co have to state how anyone else should play this game? I've seen Roq and Keshav state that they aren't playing by Coal A's rules as part of their reasoning for prolonging this war and that they shouldn't expect the same courtesy we have provided them in previous wars when it came to ending them promptly. By that same token, why should we have to abide by whatever rules NPO wishes to impose on playing style?
  9. Tgh didn't have 3k infra because they fight too much. 🤣 That's an easy statement to make but for alliances that don't fight as regularly as tgh then it's not an issue. Plenty people do have, or had anyway, 3k infra over 20 cities and certainly more over 24 cities. Maybe not on your side of the web and certainly not in NPO because members can't go that high because they don't have the funds to do so but that's a decision made by NPO years ago iirc and had nothing to do with war frequency but because NPO's gov made the decision to deliberately cap their own tiering so NPO could maintain strength in one tier without being spread out. It's pretty easy for a 3k infra nation to stash away their own rebuilding funds and get a head start on rebuilding post war. How the hell do you think our side of the web got so rich in the first place? You can't say oh they didn't fight when you along with UPN and co prior were the ones they were fighting in the same wars. PS, I did ask why no 3k infra in tgh, it was to do with NS ranges, not economics.
  10. 3k infra is pretty easily attainable once you get to 20 cities actually, fighting or not. What makes it difficult is the lack of compound growth which is the major issue facing a controlled economy like NPO when every single person in an AA is forced to grow at the same pace. You are basically putting the brakes on more economically savvy individuals in your own AA who over the long run would generate far larger amounts of tax for NPO if the purse strings were loosened. On my old nation I never had any issues fighting wars, getting wrecked entirely , depleting the warchest and quickly recovering back to 3k infra. No one could certainly accuse me of trying to avoid a war and on the same note, I never relied on a bank for handouts either for my rebuilds. In a controlled economy like NPO's you could easily boost people to 3k, particularly if you get that 6+ month nap you are wanting and reap the rewards. This is literally cold war economics now that I think on it.
  11. Ok, so does that mean the person who presumably used the bot to get Leo's password logged into Leo's nation and kicked the individual nations out one by one? Surely that means the IP of who logged into Leo's nation should be recorded and it's a simple act of checking the IP and cross-referencing it against known IPs? Seems pretty straightforward to resolve.
  12. I'm curious. Why does the bot even have the capability to remove a person from the AA in the first place? Presumably that automatic command was programmed into the bot for some reason? I admit, I'm not a coder, excel and gdocs is the extent of my ability but I'm struggling to comprehend why you would program a bot or piece of software to be able to kick someone or a person joke group of people from an alliance without human action or oversight.
  13. Get a better econ system which encourages compound growth and individual initiative and you can have 50 billion too.
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