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  1. Ah, the idealistic multi-sphere post finally makes an appearance. As much as I would genuinely like to see a multi-sphere world, it's likelihood is pretty much close to nil right now as much as it ever has been in previous years. I've been vocal about it in the past so it really shouldn't come as a surprise. How can we realistically push for a new FA meta when we have largely the same groups of people in charge of the same alliances pushing for the same agenda as they have done so for the last few years? If we want change , we first have to enact change closer to home in how we operate internally as alliances. Move away from the same cliques dictating decisions for whole communities and we might start getting somewhere. The FA meta largely reflects the internal nature of our own alliances after all. Tired , stagnant government lineups using the same tired stagnant CBs every war building coalitions in the same tired and stagnant manner.
  2. What are you on about 🤣 by that same logic tS's top tier is slacking right now with barely a war in sight doing much the same. This has nothing to do with slacking but is due to them being mostly out of range due to war mechanics regarding score ranges, but don't try to make out that grumpy is somehow a bunch of war dodgers when the truth is they are simply unable to do so due to game mechanics. It's a lazy argument lacking any reference to logic or reason
  3. Your 'good' FA lately stems from us managing to roll nearly every sphere in the game one after the other in quick succession. You're welcome 👍
  4. It's officially not a global war unless tS declares on Guardian. Until that moment occurs, all prior hostilities are nothing more than glorified raids. It's tradition.
  5. The major reason (and I think the only reason of significant relevance) we won that war was due to Rose not buying full military. Planes only is dead. The buff to ground mechanics killing planes has ended it, with this being particularly displayed against oasis and rose who persisted in air attacks whilst leaving our tanks free to wipe out enemy ground and subsequently air. I actually think I may have performed only two airstrikes the entire war now that I think on it. But yeah, rose not milling up was the major reason we achieved victory. You could add in other minor issues such as an apparent lack of organisation, communication and sheer aggression from both rose and oasis, but the major reason which damned rose and oasis from the start was rose's decision not to fully buy tanks.
  6. I've always been more of a Nando's fan to be honest.
  7. That moment when your opponent eats a couple nukes and decides to sell half their infra 🤣
  8. No no no, I'm going to give you and rose the respect you deserve. Masterful FA there getting tS to enact your revenge. Respect +10 🤣
  9. Hey, I didn't say you were friends. I said 'manipulate.' A bit of a subtle difference there 🤣
  10. Heh, I've actually managed to do much the same rate of growth over the past year. 30ish days between city purchases along with project purchases and umm 3 wars? Or is it 4 now? 🤷‍♂️ I could have probably added another city or two for that matter but I decided to make a rather large stash for rebuilding purposes too. But yeah, 20-30 days is the standard time between city purchases in our tier. Whales see that extend a bit depending on build and all.
  11. I'm not making any argument. I'm instead saying Justin should actually read Hodor's post and address the points which Hodor raised before summarily dismissing Hodor's very relevant points. Guardian also operates differently than grumpy when it comes to economic policies aimed at encouraging upper tier growth. We have somewhat significantly high taxes (I'm paying 28% last I checked) but we get a good return for these same taxes with these taxes being invested back into city growth allowing for shorter turnaround time between city purchases. Compound growth is just grand. TKR I believe use an entirely different strategy, one which I believe still uses elements of an economic policy I implemented 4-5 years ago ( or they did anyway 18 months ago, I'm not sure if they still do use the same system which rewarded upper tier nations who invested in the alliance's bank with tax reductions). The point I'm making, is that there exist multiple strategies for dealing with the very real issue of retaining an upper tier in addition to growing it. But just using the same CB over and over again hoping for a military solution when the issue is primarily an economic one is just missing the point entirely. Every alliance naturally needs to devise a strategy which caters to their own needs, and you are correct in that Grumpy's FA approach is reflected in their econ strategy. But just taking the easy option of declaring war and hoping for the best when it's what, the 3rd or 4th time it's been tried with little success is just a fruitless endeavour with diminishing returns. This is particularly displayed to grumpy likely being able to rebuild within a week and start buying cities shortly after, whilst most alliances will still be rebuilding. War in this sense will only increase the tier disparity, not lessen it. Tldr: economic problems require economic solutions.
  12. You need to actually read what Hodor posted. No one claims Grumpy grew in a traditional manner. That's readily apparent to any and all and shouldn't even be a point of dispute. They aren't a traditional alliance, they are niche focused so it only makes sense they have a niche approach to growth. Grumpy's current upper tier growth, however, is based upon economic policies which cater specifically to whale and upper tier nations and in that sense, Hodor is a perfect example of why exactly larger nations migrate to Grumpy. The economic approach within most traditional AAs simply doesn't cater for the economic needs of larger nations which in turn leads to their eventual joining of Grumpy. So sure, most of Hodor's nation growth isn't an example as to why grumpy has a near dominance in the upper tier. But the reason he just provided, namely time between city purchases due to more efficient taxation, is itself part of the reason why the tier disparity exists and why larger nations join grumpy in the first place. If an alliance's upper tier is expected to foot the war and rebuild bill, often with little influence over the decision to go to war in the first place, then it's only natural and fair these same larger nations receive some sort of benefit gained via economic policy aimed specifically at ensuring their growth. And if this doesn't happen, you end up with a lagging upper tier growth, or larger nations who leave and go elsewhere. Not that any of this should be a surprise, it's been a factor of good Econ management for about half a decade at this point which every alliance has attempted to address via the implementation of economic policies.
  13. Oh? Were you waiting for me? That's nice 👍 No tantrum here lad. I accept my beatings when I get them. Heck, I even agree with the reasoning employed by tS in moving against a strategic threat. It was the same reasoning we used against tS last year after all (a reasoning I might add which you were very very salty about quite publicly but now seem fine with). What I do find amusing, however, is the semi-coherent moralist ramblings utilised in order to justify the CB. Partisan and I discussed this as being a failing of tS after the last time we engaged in hostilities and he openly admitted that a few of tS's gov had dropped the ball in this sense. He didn't mention any names but hey, he didn't really need to did he? Also, a quick shout out to Wana. You are doing a good job lad. I always knew you had it in you 👍
  14. Heh, truth be told I did contemplate sending a missile instead 🤣
  15. It's funny that you mention 20 days. That's about how long you lasted in NPOLT before giving up for the next 9 months only to show up at the end begging for a handout. I've seen newbs with less than 10 cities and no war chest put in a better effort than that 🤣 That being said however, I'm happy you are probably getting a win this war. It will be good for your confidence and I don't think anyone could survive another salty tantrum like we had to endure during the last war from yourself. I'm glad to see you pulled it together 👍
  16. Damn man, go easy on the kid. No need to burn the youngster alive 🤣
  17. Rest in peace lad. I barely knew you but I did enjoy our interactions as brief as they were.
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