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  1. It's actually not that strange at all when you think on it 👍
  2. Man...they really showed you 🤣
  3. Ah, the idealistic multi-sphere post finally makes an appearance. As much as I would genuinely like to see a multi-sphere world, it's likelihood is pretty much close to nil right now as much as it ever has been in previous years. I've been vocal about it in the past so it really shouldn't come as a surprise. How can we realistically push for a new FA meta when we have largely the same groups of people in charge of the same alliances pushing for the same agenda as they have done so for the last few years? If we want change , we first have to enact change closer to home in how we operate internally as alliances. Move away from the same cliques dictating decisions for whole communities and we might start getting somewhere. The FA meta largely reflects the internal nature of our own alliances after all. Tired , stagnant government lineups using the same tired stagnant CBs every war building coalitions in the same tired and stagnant manner.
  4. What are you on about 🤣 by that same logic tS's top tier is slacking right now with barely a war in sight doing much the same. This has nothing to do with slacking but is due to them being mostly out of range due to war mechanics regarding score ranges, but don't try to make out that grumpy is somehow a bunch of war dodgers when the truth is they are simply unable to do so due to game mechanics. It's a lazy argument lacking any reference to logic or reason
  5. Your 'good' FA lately stems from us managing to roll nearly every sphere in the game one after the other in quick succession. You're welcome 👍
  6. It's officially not a global war unless tS declares on Guardian. Until that moment occurs, all prior hostilities are nothing more than glorified raids. It's tradition.
  7. The major reason (and I think the only reason of significant relevance) we won that war was due to Rose not buying full military. Planes only is dead. The buff to ground mechanics killing planes has ended it, with this being particularly displayed against oasis and rose who persisted in air attacks whilst leaving our tanks free to wipe out enemy ground and subsequently air. I actually think I may have performed only two airstrikes the entire war now that I think on it. But yeah, rose not milling up was the major reason we achieved victory. You could add in other minor issues such as an apparent lack of organisation, communication and sheer aggression from both rose and oasis, but the major reason which damned rose and oasis from the start was rose's decision not to fully buy tanks.
  8. I've always been more of a Nando's fan to be honest.
  9. That moment when your opponent eats a couple nukes and decides to sell half their infra 🤣
  10. No no no, I'm going to give you and rose the respect you deserve. Masterful FA there getting tS to enact your revenge. Respect +10 🤣
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