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  1. I've always viewed plotting as a form of aggression. You could argue that being caught plotting during an NAP voids the NAP itself 🤔
  2. I remember when UPN was a big player on the FA stage.
  3. Correction. You are funding the continuous and increasingly more expensive wars your leaders get you involved in through backroom shenanigans 👍
  4. What about mossad's hunting down of Nazis post WW2? Does that qualify as fascism lite behaviour? Plus I wouldn't equate the genocide inflicted on the Jewish people as silencing. Might be just me who feels that way but it just doesn't really describe the true horror of what occurred 👍
  5. Yes, the height of atrocities committed by fascists over the past century is that of silencing extremist ideologies 🤣
  6. Or in this case, a whale charges the plebeian masses huge tolls to travel on a road to work in a factory. But the whale owns both the road and the factory. "Look here little pleb, come work for me in my factory and make me rich. And just when you think you can't make me any richer, feel free to travel on the road I own so you can pay me some more juicy tolls."
  7. The main issue is the NPO we had here was vastly different from NPO back in 2006. That being said, however, CN NPO when I last played CN in 2015 resembled more so the NPO we knew here than it did the classical NPO. You could argue that the version of NPO which we knew is the end result of events which took place back in August 2007 when there was a nearly a civil war in NPO due to alternate visions of leadership almost coming to blows. Pixel history for the win 👍
  8. I reject this false NPO. Pacifica must return to its true roots and recreate the revolutionary councils once more. Begone regents and imperial officers! 🤣
  9. I can't remember who made the original audio recording back then tbh. I remember hearing a few of the calls when they occurred since I think it may have been on brehon's public voice call discussion thingy he used to do.
  10. Adrienne is correct. The grudge Roq had with TKR due to stems from past CN issues and arguably clouded relations from NPO's founding. The audio recording is linked though since it originates from the period when roq had left umbrella and when he was blaming MK and NPO at the time for various issues. It's from that time period that the grudge which would eventually develop against TKR actually originates. Reposting it against during NPOLT didn't help though. So yeah, grudges are just bad.
  11. The beef between roq and the members who were in MK and later founded TKR started when roq was still in umbrella (before he left umbrella and later returned to it). As far as I know, roq was never in CN's NPO. I stopped playing CN around 2015 so he may have joined CN NPO afterwards but up until 2015 at least he was not a member of NPO. Indeed, he had a bit of a rivalry with NPO before that date. I'm thinking this event might have occurred around mid 2011?
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