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  1. Well the topic was more so Vietnam's response to the pandemic highlighting flaws of capitalism and fascist economies which led to you bringing up PoW treatment which is irrelevant to the topic of fascism. But sure I can say bad things about fascist countries. Israel would likely back me up on that one too I suppose.
  2. Germany never stood a chance in WW2 to be honest, the seeds of its defeat were planted in 1939 and even their own economic advisors knew they had went to war too early. The general plan was for Germany to go to war in I believe it was 1941/1942 when Germany was economically more prepared. Even from early on during the French campaign and the later African campaigns it was readily evident that supplies were a major issues. Their early success in Russia even can be ascribed to the effects of Stalin's purges amongst the military establishment than a superior Wehrmacht. The truth of the matter is the Wehrmacht fought inadequate foes who were not prepared for a war. The early successes certainly had nothing to do with a superior German economy. It's no surprise that when the greater economic and manufacturing capability of the US entered the war that it was game over for Germany. No one is perfect 🤷‍♂️ Name a country which hasn't done heinous crap and tried to cover it up? It isn't like the US has never tortured anyone either by the way either including during the Vietnam war too.
  3. Vietnam has been rigorously checked by health authorities and has been very open about allowing their records to be examined. If you actually bother to do some research on the matter you will quickly see why they have attained a better result than every other country on earth. Vietnam implemented border control, lockdowns, quarantine measures and large scale testing from mid January whilst most western countries didn't adopt any of these measures until mid March or even later (The US still hasn't). Vietnam took a strong proactive approach to the virus from day one and it has paid off handsomely. As a result of this , they were able to lessen restrictions back in May and have achieved some semblance of normality over the past few months. Granted they have more "control" over their citizens and the economy as a whole, but it does illustrate the flaws of capitalism's reliance upon a consumer based economy when in situations like we are currently facing, having people out shopping is the last thing we want. Plus Singapore was an early success but that rapidly changed back in mid April. So yeah , if you want a south east Asian success story it's Vietnam.
  4. You are pretty much hitting the nail on the head with how a lot of people feel regarding the "dictatorship of capital" within the modern world.The current pandemic has made the issues of inequality inherent within capitalism readily evident along with capitalism itself being unsuited to fighting the pandemic effectively. Nothing illustrates this better than Vietnam's response to handling the virus which arguably can be considered the best globally upon viewing their infection and death rates. Vietnam itself isn't the wealthest country either which only illustrates the flaws inherent within capitalism even further. That being said, looking to fascism for economic inspiration isn't really advisable either given the state of fascist economies before and during WWII. It's one of these modern myths that the German economy was efficient when the truth is quite the opposite.Communism itself is a flawed economic concept but I believe the better option can be found somewhere in between within the socialist/democratic socialist spectrum or perhaps within the Nordic model.
  5. If we apply the label of "capitalism" very loosely, capitalism began roughly around the same time as the advent of agriculture. If we apply the label of capitalism more accurately, capitalism itself has only been around for the last five centuries or so. The hunter analogy is irrelevant to what capitalism actually is though. A better example would be of a tribal chief ordering the hunters to go out and hunt a bison whereupon the chief would take half the bison for himself and his own family and then provide the rest of the tribe with the other half whilst brainwashing the tribe into believing they should be thankful for their half-filled bellies since he had ordered them to go out and hunt the bison in the first place.
  6. Read Mein Kampf and then come back to me on how Hitler and the Nazis felt about socialism and trade unions. Heck, a significant portion of Hitler's Anti-Semitic beliefs have their origins within how Hitler felt about trade unions and strikes which occurred during WWI. Plus, the nationalist socialist element of the name doesn't actually mean they are socialist in origin. After all, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea isn't exactly all that democratic and I would disagree with it being a republic either for that matter. Facism is a right-wing ideology that was supported by conservative reactionies within central europe and stood in opposition to the socialist movement which is a decidely left-wing ideology. Hitler himself along with the Nazi party themselves were invited into the halls of power upon the requests of the Conservative German right.
  7. Plenty republics, democracies and every other form of government have been guilty of crimes against humanity all the same. Even the so called land of the free wasn't free for significant minorities until just over a half-century ago.
  8. Sorry but there is no such thing as an Authoritarian right socialist. You can have an authoritarian socialist but that's about as far as it goes. No offence but I think you are mistaking fascism with Authoritarianism 🤷‍♂️
  9. Hah, nice. Id personally prefer to label most pnw alliances as oligarchical in nature but that's just my take on it 🤷‍♂️
  10. How do you end up with fascism being derived from socialism or are you merely commenting on the authoritarian commonalities shared between communist Russia/ China etc and that of Nazi Germany / fascist Italy? In terms of actual ideology, the two of them are quite different with considerably different origins. You could state that fascism developed in response to the advent of socialism but it is incorrect to state that fascism is an offshoot of socialism albeit both of them are considerably opposed to traditional capitalism in differing regards.
  11. Oh I have seen a few funny fascist memes in my day, typically relating to the utterly fabulous uniforms they wore 🤷‍♂️
  12. "Shadow launched a nuke on a Fark nation hours after the peace he accepted was in effect, causing expensive damage. When asked hours later the next day “hey, what the hell?” minutes after such inquiry, a missile was sent to the same Fark target (who hadn’t attacked at all again mind you) ending that war and looting the nation and Fark’s alliance bank."
  13. NPO can now be located somewhere in amongst this burning mess.
  14. I thought the legion had already invaded years ago in the form of UPN?
  15. Heh, there is a reason I said my point wasn't really relevant. It doesn't have much in common with MI6 although that is probably a good thing I suppose
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