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  1. Sorted, please be a bit more careful about multi posting in the future.
  2. There will be no more ooc posts in this thread. Every ooc post from here on out will get a warn. It is not acceptable and I will not allow it as it had gone much to far. Seriously, here on out drop it all and keep in in game.
  3. Spam, locking it and banning the creator due to no matching nation.
  4. <Henri> Yenroh[VE]: you're taking my idea too seriously <Henri> its not meant to be serious <Henri> Get with the program <Henri> That was just so I didn't get warned. Locked and warned
  5. Unhelpful sarcastic suggestions are not wanted in the game suggestion forum. Locked and warned.
  6. It's set to expire today, so just wait for it.
  7. Lock and warn for dio
  8. This is a bug report, please try and post in the right section in the future. For your information, the correct section of the forum to post bug reports is "Tech Support". Moved.
  9. You've now posted wrongly In alliance affairs a number of times. Please think carefully about where you are posting before you do. Moved and warned
  10. This forum is for bug reports and tech support for in game actions. If you have questions relating to external additions to the game you are developing, please contact Sheepy directly. If you have general coding questions, please use a different website. Locked.
  11. This matter is being discussed between the moderation team at the moment.
  12. If you've followed the correct channels and still are getting no where, that probably means your intent is wrong. The next step is not to just break more rules. Mensa got individual warns for each rulebreak, just as you are getting here. Locked and warned.
  13. I've gone through and deleted the other threads, please do not post duplicate threads I'm different areas
  14. Moved to tech support
  15. I'm sorry but pictures of young girls fondling and kissing certainly seems overly serial. Sheepy stopped the original thread and so they will keep being locked now. Anymore and you'll also be warned.
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