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  1. Committee Chair Sol Farmer here, announcing that Bytoria will be closing their borders and ceasing participation in international affairs for a period of not less than one year (ooc: vacation mode) . It has been a pleasure interacting with you all over the past year. Regards, Sol Farmer
  2. Whoo doggy, you sure got worked up over a fictional universe. Lol Oh, and I wish ya'll the best with this new alliance. You've got a couple of my old mates with you, now. Take care of 'em.
  3. Rip Digitizer, a sad day indeed. My condolences to your family and loved ones.
  4. ^ He deserted Alpha right when the war started, and joined DEIC. Notorious alliance hopper and pixel hugger.
  5. Great to see Evenstar get such a rad protector. o/ Rose
  6. Good work splinter! Wish ya'll the best with this aggression.
  7. Stoked to make Alpha my new home, we had a good run with Asgard. o/ Greatnate o/ Alpha
  8. Ban him after I finish looting his bank.
  9. Brotherhood of Steel returns after a long absence. Wink wink nudge, Zeus.
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