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  1. Politics and war ark serverĀ 

    Is it on PS4 or just pc?

  2. Nation Name: Vorden Leader Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=40919
  3. Blake Gillman

    Official P&W ARK Server

    (Update 1) 12/4/15: -Removed PvP Timer (It was causing problems incorrectly switching between PvP and PvE at incorrect times) +Added Rule: All Nations / Tribes must have the starting letter of their name start with a Capitalized letter +New Top 5 Tribe: "The Brotherhood of Steel" (Screenshots below)
  4. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    I would assume based on "of the week" that you hand them out a week
  5. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    I was simply making a point, that if there is no cause or reason behind a comment, then just don't comment. And I don't know what facespace is, though I assume by the way you said "like me on it" that it's a social media site.
  6. Blake Gillman

    Official P&W ARK Server

    Haven't seen me in awhile, eh? Anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know I followed through with the ARK Server. The server name is "Politics & War" with a bunch of other custom stats. The server features: 3x Gather (I only do this so more people would join, because it makes the game a little easier) 10x Tame - That way things like Gigas and shit, it doesn't take you LITERALLY a week to make into adults. Lvl 125 - You can level all the way up to level 125, and engrams are boosted so you will be able to unlock every engram there is by the time your around level 80. The extra levels are for show, level 125 is actually really hard to get to. On average when you get really high it cost between +3,000 ~ +5,000 experience to get to the next level, to get from level 124 to level 125 on here it cost +100,000 So if you do get to level 125, you definitely have the right to brag (It's a big acomplishment) Staff - To make sure there is no "Hacking" or what I really mean is, no conflicts over the rules and to help moderate the server. Staff are very rarely permitted to spawn things in. Events - Server events are not uncommon, anything from gathering tribes for a mass battle, to the invasion of apes there is a lot that we can do! Politics & War - An advanced politics system, there is a government that controls the main tribes, you don't have to follow their rules, but you probably want to be in their good side. Each tribe is their own government, and whatever land they have built on is their territory unless invaded, to be an OFFICIAL Country / tribe you must have a custom tribe name (Not just Tribe of NAME) and a tribe flag. The tribe flag can be whatever you want as long as it's not already taken. To represent who owns an area, the flag is painted to that tribes... colors, err, flag design. Then of course there is war between tribes, there is also the "United Tribes", hosted by the #1 Tribe (Defined by Strength) and any other tribes that are invited into it, all laws created within the United Tribes must be followed by all tribes, the tribe that breaks it is considered a "X Tribe" and may be punished by the council (That is if we find that tribes location) - Your not required to give away location. Raiding - A tribe / nation may raid or invade another tribe / nation, and for an area to be considered conquered the invaded area must have all its local-tribemembers killed and all beds, sleeping bags, etc of the local tribe destroyed. The invading tribe must then paint their flag over the invaded tribes flag (Or just simply place a new flag). Any raid that involves breaking rules created by the "United Tribes" can make you labeled as an X-Tribe, and you may be punished by the UT.(However, if your base is somewhere secret, you just might get away with it ;3) CHANGELOG: (Update 1) 12/4/15: -Removed PvP Timer (It was causing problems incorrectly switching between PvP and PvE at incorrect times) +Added Rule: All Nations / Tribes must have the starting letter of their name start with a Capitalized letter +New Top 5 Tribe: "The Brotherhood of Steel" The server is mostly 24/7, but may go down sometimes for Updates, or if there is a power-outage. Or just because it needs to for a little bit. Thanks everyone, and I hope your all as exited as I am for the new server! Was so exited I made a couple Politics & Ark logos The Servers Official INFO Banner:
  7. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    "Stop acting like a jerk" you've really persuaded me, my entire life has been turned around by that sentence, once again another sentence without a meaning behind it (A little more meaning that the last ones) but still not much of one at all. See I debate using Persuasion and negotiation, people like the ones I've commented against just say blatant things with no intention whatsoever because they are stuck inside of their own heads, and completely close-minded, whereas I open to facts, and explain myself entirely. You obviously must of read "This is for ARK P&W Server only" 2 times, and originally me saying lets not start a conversation out of it, so that also shows how good of a reader you are, or perhaps you did read it but chose to ignore it, fully aware that the advice you've given me I would not take to heart.
  8. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    Like said previously, this discussion is for ARK P&W Discussion, your comment like the last is not only not helpful to me, but to you, others, and a complete waste of time. It's very clear that I wasn';t going to do what you said, yet you still felt the need to make that comment
  9. Communists are atheists? Have you ever read any book regarding actual communism? I mean, have you even ever heard of World War 2? You know, those Catholic Nazis? Ring a bell? Or are you just so moronic that the term "World War" is P-H PHRESH to you, because you didn't know the word 'fresh' because you spend your time playing Roblox well your mother in the background goes 'Oh he'll find his own path', probably never been disciplined. [email protected]#$ religous dumbasses really piss me off, see unlike [email protected]#$ like you, atheists don't get offended by religion, we just get pissed off at how stupid it is, and how moronic a majority of the people are who follow it in terms of Ideology, or even their own Religious Background. Your probably some dumbass christian who couldn't even tell me who Jesus Christ was besides "HE WAS GODS SON OMG 4THEWIN #CODLIFE"
  10. All americans of this generation are controlled by the media, they believe discrimination is the biggest problem there is. They believe that everyone should be equal, and taking pills all your life is fine, and they believe that you should pander to the minorities to make everyone "Happy" and they believe they should be offended by what everyone else is offended by.
  11. I agree that it should not be discriminated against. But kids are going to be kids, the government doesn't need to get involved every time someones "Feelings get hurt" oh im sorry I said "Illegal Immigrant" let me just change my entire way of speaking to please you, because your another citizen helping the government bend down and kiss the ass of the minorities. So if you don't want it happen, get involved by telling them that it's not okay, but don't go hiding behind the government annoying the rest of the nation. And what the [email protected]#$ was that about all communists being atheists? I'm an atheist, and you don't see me attempting to form a nation under communist decree, nor proclaiming that communism is the answer to our government (Although I do agree that our current government, nation, and everything American is a complete waste of time, and america should just elect someone terrible (Like Obama again) so we can hurry up the end of this nation, because this country has been dead for quite some time, and we need to just finally bury it.)
  12. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    Let's not start a discussion over this, this is for P&W Ark server stuff, but as a short answer. I get annoyed with people who comment off-topic in non-helpful ways and they probably don't even know why the [email protected]#$ they did it. They just simply comment for the hell of commenting.
  13. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    I would love to have you on xD. I hadn't played it in awhile either (Mainly because I couldn't even get into the game, lowest settings, lowered resolution & 9 FPS). But I just got a new computer, and it was one of the first games I tried out!
  14. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    That's not a very helpful comment. Doesn't help me, doesn't help you, doesn't help anyone reading. Doesn't even supply any information besides the fact that you represent confusion, but at what? At the server? At the whole idea? I have no [email protected]#$ idea. Because all you said was "Ok?" so maybe before you post a reply, think what the [email protected]#$ your saying. I mean second of all, your a part of Rose, so we know your -- (It was too mean) Third, your signature is a bright blue that hurts my eyes with a "Fancy" font, you couldn't even design your own signature, and it's low resolution. (And it's very obvious that it is) You just... ...You annoy me. It's people like you that just.. ugh.
  15. Blake Gillman

    Deleted Content

    Deleted due to Community-created Irrelevant conversations

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