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  1. Aenir

    Bringing Joy to a Grumpy Old Bastard's Heart

    Who let you outside, SRD?
  2. So the only reason for obliterating oil/lead production is to make the numbers look nice? It's not like we haven't had ugly numbers before... Just look at the projects, ffs.
  3. Why were Oil and Lead production cut by 2/3?
  4. By that logic, farmers were having a great time during the Dust Bowl. Farmers are the ones losing the most. They can't make any food and all their improvements, land, and project are going to waste. Since they (normally) produce their own food they probably don't have much stockpiled, so they have to buy food at 4x what they sold it for a few days earlier. I'm baffled that anyone would think this is good for farmers. This is better for people that bought and stockpiled tons of food.
  5. Aenir

    Sheepy's hypocrisy

    How is this any different than every war ever? "If two alliances fight a war, other alliances get ahead. Therefore, you should arbitrarily roll peaceful alliances like GPA, or just never fight in the first place."
  6. Not to mention completely screw over any new players that join during a war. "I just started playing, how do I get food?" "You don't."
  7. RIP everywhere except Australia Only 274 nations out of 4424 total are capable of producing food.
  8. RIP North America, Europe, Africa, and now South America
  9. By tomorrow there won't be any food production anywhere.
  10. RIP North America, you will be missed.
  11. North America is already at -67.88% lol.
  12. Thanks Sheepy, I always thought that I was able to see too much information at once before. Now I can see even fewer cities and projects at one time, thus preventing me from overloading my brain with too much stimulus. But on the off chance that I feel like shutting down my brain, how do I undo the changes?
  13. tl;dr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXGX2nLU&feature=youtu.be&t=1m1s

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