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  1. The new forum format is chill, 6 month nap a bit long for a micro war tbh, anyways gl with the rebuild. o/
  2. That meme is pretty based, also yes I did just get some free time to post ~~propaganda~~ memes.
  3. I want mones for cities, also Did you ask for the george growth plan while in CAM?
  4. Down with the sheepy dictatorship! (unless I get a random $20b owo)
  5. Would be good if you could spell Arrgh's name correctly before accusing them of "declaring illegal wars".
  6. Daymmmn, y'all gonna end Arrgh?
  7. >It's quite assuming that you also don't think I'm petty enough to have my entire alliance sell to 800 infra across the board and sit on you permanently Do it, no balls.
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