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  1. Congrats Alex, you just made perma-roll more possible with this change. Ah, fun times.
  2. I don't see any problem here, usage of credits, including selling them on the market is limited to 10 Credits per month. The prices of credits is also increasing because a lot of people are buying them to redeem Credit Items (i.e 5k resources or 15M money)
  3. Welcome to Orbis! Good luck!
  4. Lmao are you serious? Don't you know that impersonating Linode Abuse Support through the use of a fake email can land you in jail, right? P.S you're so full of shit its not even funny anymore
  5. Arkin

    hizu 3.0

    ah yes, the multi ring - https://discord.com/channels/216800987002699787/400030171765276672/714489027092283464 - https://discord.com/channels/216800987002699787/400030171765276672/714499430270763028 mods, i'll gladly take a strike for this, yeet dab
  6. oof, we all know how this goes. > reports hizu multi > hizu spams alliance affairs forums > create new nation and alliance with "Hizu" in its name > repeat
  7. Spamming forums with unnecessary posts? Yep, definitely the Hizu we know.
  8. Orbis World Order (OwO) Union of Orbis Nations (UON) Coalition of Orbis Nations (CON) Orbis Union (OU) Orbis Pact (OP) International Council for Orbis Cooperation (ICOC)
  9. I understand that, but 24 hours has passed since and I'm still not getting a military reset after that. I rerolled and that seemed to have fixed it.
  10. I was told that day change in test server happens every 2 hours? Can you confirm this? Also if that were the case, then I'm still having an issue since I'm only receiving day change after 24 hours just like in the live server.
  11. I changed my Daily Update Timezone to UTC+8 at the start of the tournament. I haven't gotten any day change notifs or military resets since.
  12. Arkin

    API Discussion

    Battle Simulation API ?
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