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  1. Ch'you and Roberts make fantastic points for a few categories. If FA/MA/IA/EA are elbow dropped from awards, then okay, no problema. It is prone to extreme bias. If FA remains a category, maybe only FA leaders vote based on who they find diplomatic, responsive, and made 'good' moves for the year. Maybe don't allow votes within own bloc/spheres? I see how MA,IA,Econ could go away since no juan really knows the inner workings of other AAs. At best, maybe Econ could be shortlisted to 10 or so by using a metric like AA trade profit for the year. MA could be similar by using metrics like net damage
  2. Hola amigos, Primero, muchas gracias to everyone who takes time to make this happen. Segundo, congratulations to all nominees. Regardless of outcomes, you are all #1 in my hearts. Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty: If a goal is to avoid the awards from turning into vanity and false prides, consider a few player categories as less about opinion. For example, best raider can be awarded to whoever looted the most in the year. Best fighter can be for quantity and win/loss ratio during large scale wars over the year (not raiding). Maybe add damage dealer or net damage as it's own category t
  3. DoE While patrolling the borders during the latest great war, The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty were forced out of The Swamp by millions of radioactive ogres. All were victims of nuclear fallout from war. The ogres had doubled in size from the radiation, their skins melted off their bones, and only blood quenched their new thirst. The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, and Soldiers of Liberty fought off many. But, with every ogre killed, two more took its place. They were pushed back further and further from the swamp. A new era of ogr
  4. Alliance of the Year: TFPMost Powerful Alliance: GOBMost Improved Alliance: TFPBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): E404Most Missed Alliance: Best Alliance for New Players: TFP Most Honorable Alliance: TFPMost Immoral Alliance: The Black DeathMost Controversial Alliance: NPOBiggest Warmongers: ArrghBiggest Pixel-Huggers: Spanish ArmadaWorst Fighting Alliance: TKRBest Alliance Growth: TIBiggest Alliance Decline: NPOMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: TFPMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: t$Best Economics Department: TFPBest Foreign Affairs Department: TFPBest Internal Affairs D
  5. Player of the Year: BorgMost Influential Player: Tyrion LannisterMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: Nacho LibreBest Alliance Leader: Harry FlashmanBest Government Member (not a leader): Eye SuckBest General Member: White GoodmanBest Wrestler: Nacho LibreBest Raider: FloraBest Player Avatar: Biznow
  6. The Swamp collectively refers to Sphinx as Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad sees the GW wiki entry and deletes the event. Nacho creates link to solidify wiki entry.
  7. The Once Upon a Time War Sphinx is referred to as Lord Farquaad from here on out
  8. I'm proposing we call this "The Once Upon a Time" War
  9. I like where this is going but it seems like there could be a scale issue with the 5% idea. In theory, someone at various NS, city and infra levels could get 100% of their infra destroyed in just a few days. Is that 20 days of beige then?
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