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  1. Alas, all good things come to and end. Enjoy your retirement, Adrienne.
  2. Wishful thinking, but I would like to see this one flourish. Good luck, Ignis.
  3. The time and effort people would put into faking it all and the opposing side debunking all of it... I'll sit this one out on the fence.
  4. Welcome to Orbis and good luck! Ave Legio!
  5. *someone who's been around since P&W Beta. You're entitled to your own opinion as I am to mine. In your eyes, my alliance is "the worst", but it is my alliance, and I like it there.
  6. An extraterrestrial threat to Orbis? Sign me up for Independence Day type of action.
  7. Referring to the former or the latter? Opinion is subjective. However, I witnessed IronFront's grandeour with my own eyes. For all I know, IF could've been here still, in full force, if the leadership chose a slightly alternative course of action. But let's not dwell on that. I'm happy IF is part of Orbis' history, and I'll miss being there and then...
  8. Good luck out there. And keep us posted on how your alliance fares every so often.
  9. The announcement leaves a lot to be desired. Congratulations nonetheless.
  10. This was a great alliance. Sadly, short-lived.
  11. Good on you. Hopefully see you around more.
  12. Welcome back, Magic. I'm still here since you were here, but under a new name and running a new nation.
  13. Thank you, ODN. Loyal to the bitter end. o/
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