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  1. The members who declared war on Error 404 apologize to error 404. We will end our wars with them and all the Hizubiki_RND members from Hizubilian_Atlantis will leave and create a new alliance. This alliance will vote with 2/3 majority if they want to go to war. The members are https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=206881,https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=214020,Mumana, etc.
  2. Well good luck with the war since I don't have say anymore.
  3. As you've heard the alliance as declared war on Error 404. The reason is that they have been attacking us as an alliance and they choose it as a declaration of war so we had no choose. But peace is an option if they want it.
  4. End of the multi talk on this DoE post and if you reply it will be a declaration of war.
  5. No you didn't you kept on going w/o involvement. End of discussion so please stop.
  6. Like you trying to talk about a multi in peoples DoE?
  7. How about you stop talking about in our DoE. I'm trying to make this peaceful.
  8. Just let him do his job the way he feels like doing it. He can't always be helping users all the time.
  9. But that is for the Game Reports forum not the alliances DoE.
  10. We're trying to have a peaceful DoE but here trying to starting an argument about multi's
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