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  1. Hip-hip hurray! Let us all move on to a prosperous future and build a better world for next generation of nation leaders to come!
  2. Good on you, Pantheon. Recover in peace now, it's going to be okay. o7
  3. Congrats, Avangers and GGFU! Wish this works out well for you both.
  4. Hey there, Bjorn! Thanks for passing on the blame our way. We received your side note and we'll add it to our "NPO is Evil" collection. Shame to see Kool kids disband though. Sad news for all of Orbis indeed.
  5. Congrats with the merge! Good luck in your endeavors, and I look forward to your rapid growth and prosperity with the Ming Empire.
  6. Easy. I tend to kill threads anyway. The price is mine.
  7. Unfortunately, I didn't make it in time to shake hands with y'all on the battlefield. I do respect your tenacity and making it this far into that war. Not bad for a bunch a heretics.
  8. Hello! Not looking for an alliance to join, but I'm a fan of Star Wars; Perhaps we could do a Star Wars fan club instead?
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