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  1. Too much work, let Alex do it for us
  2. I agree with Alex. We should just delete all the mechanics including the base game no more Politics and War.
  3. Didn’t even mention it was posted on pit smh
  4. Damn I was really ready to hit them
  5. Yo this sounds like the GPC terms when we merged into TMC, until they literally undid all of them. @Krystel get ready to leak and start a war.
  6. They’re so bad they’re good and bad
  7. Empire starts a global and the republic collapses because of coup lmao
  8. So which alliance merged into Ragnarok I mean Ming. House Array or House Arryn.
  9. Actually I’ve earned plenty reputation including my famous water suggestion meme and shitposts.
  10. Goons be complaining about me having a bloated ego but here we have their leader with idk 56 titles. - MinesomeMC, Micro Emperor, God of shitposts, president of News, leader of the order, Kaiser of AntiGoons, mother of 5, father of the West, crippled, Obama’s son, lord of Republicans, universal king of yeast
  11. Might as well declare war on myself at this point
  12. Also other war combatants like NP who are at war with both Coal A and Coal BB so t Connected but not the same. It’s a huge mess that gets confusing
  13. One has TcW on Coal B and the other has TcW in Coal AA
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