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  2. Well shit, following that logic Coalition B should surrender too .... 10 points for micro being good enough to steal Pantheon bank, 0 points for being shit enough to not keep it and the rest of this topic...
  3. If you looked hard you’d see 5 years of George Clooney behaving poorly. He gained his position in Acadia by being the leader of an alliance whose only policy was to be a blindly loyal hanger on to aspiring hegemons and their curbstomps. It’s no reflection of Acadia as a whole.
  4. It really says a lot that this thread has been up for more than 24 hours and so far nobody is disputing the proof of Coalition B's stalling, instead they are only making threats because the evidence was provided.
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  6. time to resurrect that d2jsp account
  7. They can when the aggressive action you've taken was without warning and using a means and CB which you had to violate the bloody treaty for. Fun fact: Nokia justified his actions by saying that TCM protected Demacia, despite the fact that new Protectorates are to be voted on by the entire Bloc, as the treaty states they will be protected by all and not just by one. Essentially meaning, instead of "Effectively" attacking all of Astra by hitting a prot, you would be LITERALLY hitting all of them by doing so. Shocker, when you violate your agreements constantly, other people won't uphold them for you either. Welcome to Pragmatism and Politics, say goodbye to Idealism and Nonsense, hope you enjoyed your stay there though.
  8. You've been playing P&W for what, five years now? Certainly a long tenure where you've been able to witness a lot of wars and negotiations. If you're able to read over the OP and look at this war, which includes several players on both sides leaving the game for good, all while maintaining a clean conscious - that's honestly a pathetic outlook and an alliance with such a long and varied history like Acadia deserves far better leadership than what you're trying to pull here.
  9. the nation of original recipe vuvuzela extends its most heartfelt congratulations!
  10. Oh, I agree the daily update is ridiculous, the caps should be reset 24 hours after purchase, that way it's fair for everyone.
  11. Partisan posting serious text walls? Fantastic post. What an unprecedented shitfest of a war. With that said, I am genuinely relieved to see some members of Coalition B seeing through the utter BS coming from their leadership.
  12. This is a quick and short public announcement in light of recent events. It is strictly prohibited to discuss out-of-character (OOC) and personal information on these forum (and the game, and the official P&W Discord server.) Accusations and threats made in regard to someone's personal life (not game related) are absolutely unacceptable and we will be moderating this issue very strictly. It is my job to moderate what happens in-game, on the forum, and in the official Discord server. Anything that happens outside of these official channels should be reported to the relevant authorities, whether that is Discord itself, local police, the FBI, or relevant authorities outside of the United States. This topic is locked, and I expect no further discussion on this issue, lest you risk warning points (and your content will be taken down.) This is a very serious matter, and I am going to be in touch with lawyers and my local authorities on how to handle it.
  13. I am Partisan, not pre. Furthermore, I am not leaking, I am disclosing matters pertaining the alliance I lead and the coalition I (along with others) represent. You are not the first coalition B official, negotiator or member threatening our negotiators with repercussions if we disclose the misconduct of your negotiators. I will, as I have done in the past, state once again that The $yndicate will not allow coalition B to dictate the degree of transparency it pursues in its dealings. If you don't want to look like shit, don't act like shit.
  14. You know their goal? Regarding Pre leaking I hope he understands that has consequences.
  15. I agree that toxicity and trolling runs rampant on the main discord and that more should be done to curb and contain it. I hope the moderators and community can step up and make it a better place for all.
  16. I thought the Astra Bloc had an "MDAP"? They technically can't back out and say "have fun." So where is the rest of their bloc?
  17. It was already taken down and the user issued a moderation strike in-game.
  18. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=112870 Ruler Name: Do Not Fear Jazz Nature of Violation: A youtube video with racial slurs and hate speech set as their national anthem. One minute in and you'll notice the repeated use of racial slurs used. I've never seen a slur on a nation, even if it was to quote somebody.
  19. I've never been banned from the discord. Idk who gave you this info but tell them they're stupid. Also, explain to me how I rule broke here.
  20. You're demonstrating a pattern of harassment here by repeatedly doing this. Especially after the last report, I don't see how this can be construed as anything but targeted harassment. You'll receive a moderation strike in-game if it happens again.
  21. Thanks for the detailed report. Given this pattern of repeated Nazi symbolism/references (especially after just being issued a moderation strike for it) this user has been banned from Politics & War.
  22. I tried to update my reason after the war you declared on me because it's blanking. Gave up since it blanked again. Getting another notification is nowhere near the criteria for spam.
  23. Thanks for letting me know, that player is about to be banned.
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