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  2. Ah yes, going hostile on a leader of a major alliance out of nowhere will surely help you along with that mission of yours to obtain protectorates from all major alliances so you can war dodge forever. You seem like a strategy genius, perhaps we should turn this around and let you teach us. Tell me, I always wondered, how does one's honour and self respect survive upon offering to drop their only ally so they can obtain peace from the opposing coalition?
  3. We are trying to be objective here. Though you act like everyone wasn't using large scale rule breaches, they just did it more wide scale. Yes, Carthago still thinks itself as the legend it thinks it is.
  4. Today
  5. We didn't sell down infra and we got picked off one by one for it. That was the whole reason for the suggestion. Find someone else to call a moron, thanks.
  6. It's spelled 'Berma'. OK BERMA.
  7. It's quite the statement that the rest of the game is inactive. Despite NPO's best efforts, we're all still kicking
  8. Let's go for a stroll
  9. The Princess Bubblegum anime fiasco war
  10. Well it's not really an argument - you guys were just wrong and if you admit it, you can learn from it. As long as you try to justify it, such epic stupidity could happen again.Those who do not study history... Explain to me how you guys 'not selling down infra did nothing to shorten the war' when you did, in fact, sell down and prolong the war? Also weren't you the moron who said your alliance sold down more infra than our whole alliance had? If it was not you, then please direct this comment at the moron who actually said it.
  11. So many people who don't remember OG BK, F. ***The sacred texts!***
  12. It's good to see BK back. It was sad to lose a major long term alliance quit over short term drama. Hopefully some other people/alliances will come back as well.
  13. Moon Project should actually reduce project costs. Making a moon landing requires immense scientific prowess. Such a nation should be able to build most projects more easily and more cost efficiently, realistically speaking. A 10% reduction in cost of all projects should be introduced. Does this pay for the Moon Project? Maybe. I havent calculated. And I'm too lazy to do so. But this suggestion is definitely better than the Hundred Year Payback method or any continuous bonus feature. If you already have all projects made, bad luck.
  14. You have successfully annoyed me with this suggestion. Congrats.
  15. Why not bring downvotes back, but not have it count against your total score? Solves the problem of abusing the downvotes
  16. Disband your alliance Join Bkayyy
  17. That's like asking if we should have wars between 9 to 5 every day...
  18. The 300 infra strat was a strat from the other side, not ours, and we weren't suggesting that for you either. We were advising a sell down though, yes, so you didn't get picked off one by one like we did and could actually coordinate together. Not selling down infra on our side did nothing to shorten the war. Regardless, this argument is dumb because none of us are fighting together or against each other anymore.
  19. Wao Emp still exists and people want to make bonds with them. Just disband you guyssssss! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  20. i gathered my family to watch this
  21. I thought we burned all the paper
  22. The war went on for how many months? Do some math, and work out what the opportunity cost of selling off all of the improvements and infra was. Now multiply that by the number of nations who followed that stupid advice. I bet it was enough to win or at least significantly shorten the war. Your whole 'strategy' was built around moving a very small number of pixels on a war report, and not on actually winning. Never, ever sacrifice the high ground. I know that the dogma was strong - I was kicked from your boards for disagreeing with the unbelievably stupid 'strategy'. Groupthink and intolerance of criticism was clearly the order of the day. As Tacitus said, "It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled." I am sure that the stupids will disagree because it is a criticism of them and they were clearly too weak to grasp reason. I hope you learned your lesson and can now laugh at yourself - this was probably due to one charismatic person proposing the stupid idea, and a fearful leadership team. Whoever was involved in that should retire in disgrace. The Coalition Sub War The Golden Retriever Guard Dog War The Runaway War (I like this one a lot - it has a double meaning. Do you want me to explain it to you?)
  23. Well when you are ready to level up, lemme know.
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