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  2. It's a terrible thing. Invasion communities are the best means to expand the game and while the numbers maybe high for a while, you get an active different set of political bunch that changes stuff. Mind you, most of the older alliances you find here, are invasion themed from different worlds at different points and have been drivers of the politics for the last few years. New ones help replace that with newer stuff.
  3. Buorhann

    peace talks

    As we had discussed, you admitted you could see our perspective and I admitted I could see yours. Doesn't mean either of us was right, or wrong, since there's a lot of unknowns. Don't know who you are, so why would your word be taken?
  4. You’re not misunderstanding there. The admission of defeat is the first term the rest can be negotiated after. Yes. We aren’t expecting the admission of defeat as an acceptance of all other terms lol
  5. I think we may be understanding the terms differently then. The way we understand "unconditional surrender" is that we're agreeing to the other terms before we even know what they are. However, it seems like you're using the term to just mean we admit defeat, and then we can negotiate the rest of the terms. Am i misunderstanding?
  6. Pot kettle situation right here folks.
  7. The war would have been over in a month then lol
  8. Hey everyone! Newbie here.. Need your guidance
  9. Buorhann

    peace talks

    I'm not one of the negotiators, for good reason. My statement about the incentive is to encourage further talks. Every war before this, terms were given before to help negotiate the process of ending a war. Not after. You're talking to a lot of old leaders here, not new ones. Of course the newer alliances (Ming/North Point) would be willing to see past that because this is their first rodeo of such talks. Every alliance that has left Coalition B was presented terms before requesting their surrender or white peace. Some of them had lengthy discussions, some were pretty short. All of it worked out peacefully to my knowledge. The problem your side is having is that you're expecting people such as Adrienne, Keegoz, etc. to trust your words - after already having it blasted to hell and back. EDIT: And uh, yeah, a lot of the nuances of this war is NPO's fault. BKsphere only started the war, but NPO escalated it in multiple ways (Not just by dragging in more and more people that had no ties to this conflict).
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  11. That's a bad thing?
  12. Fish is something rarely available here *sob*
  13. Oh look another politically motivated suggestion. Realistically limiting member count is restricting game growth. You are limiting invasion communities from coming here. So it's a solid no from me.
  14. frick off you piss of shit! You are the worst person I 've ever met! You want to kick off the most important thing of this forum??!! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow! Let toxic be toxic! #Ilovemakingpeoplecry
  15. I have a bunch of them for 20 million if you want to buy them.
  16. Re opening the war page fixes this for me. It is frustrating though.
  17. I am selling credits for 20 million each one. If you are interested then please send me a pm.
  18. lol, just in case they were thinking about it; you had to remind them almost anything would be up for grabs as far as what comes after. XD
  19. Someone on the KETOG/Chaos side is eating fish flakes for my amusement.
  20. Seb

    peace talks

    2 classmates had a fight, they don't want to talk to eachother. the teacher puts them together and after a long talk he asks them to shake hands. Neither boy will stretch his hand first. Teacher says that they won't leave their spot until they shake hands. It's been like 5 months and the boys are still staring at eachother and neither is willing to make the first move. Sounds familiar?
  21. pretty sure loads has already reported this, but Alex is busy, he has to add more winter images for people to you.
  22. Or have a system like BK where you do not need any of that, with there system its all automatic, all you need to do is fill in what you want and within seconds its sent even if the bank is asleep, at work or dead. It is well known that BK back systems does not need the bank to be online, or to even be alive as long as you have been given access to the to the website where the back system is, you can with draw any amount they set you too, now clearly for most of us its illegal but if BK can do it i am sure the rest of us can.
  23. Can you please fix the bug where selecting airstrike on the wars screen does nothing. I was hit by Seb while online, and I couldn't get GC pre airstrike because this buggy ass game kept not loading the redirect for the dropdown menu.
  24. I"m not sure complaining about the lack of clear surrender terms is much different than admitting you've already lost the conventional war. So not really sure what the benefit is in complaining over that condition rather than just fighting longer. I would think mainly they have that condition since they don't want to give Coalition A wide terms, so they're requiring a leap of faith for it to be worth their time; even if I doubt they have high expectations Coalition A will be able to collectively agree to that. Although I guess PR wise its better than saying there is no way for Coalition A to collectively get peace if they wanted it badly enough.
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