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Well, people tried a peaceful alliance once.  They got to #1 and then were pummeled, and that was the death of neutral pixel farmers on Orbis.


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I also don't think that the guys in Bombardier understand that just because they're peaceful doesn't mean we will be. In fact, that's more likely to cause us to hit them. Aggressives have an aura of scariness.

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1 hour ago, KingThrokk said:

Our news outlet will be covering events within the Orbis World, we represent an unbiased look into these occurrences. In no way does this reflect/is endorsed by our alliance. We opened this news room out of a love for all things P&W.  

Our first news article will be an interview with Pope Innocent lll, of the Papal States. He is the leader of a  new and upcoming micro, Bombardier. 

The following is the interview:



3) Given that your alliance strictly forbids raiding, how do you plan on growing newer members effectively?

Pope Innocent lll:

3) We gain revenue through commerce, infrastructure and command economics. We protect these assets with strong naval power. Having access to the global trade market is key.


TFP tried this, didnt work out for them, dont do it.

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4 hours ago, Joe Schmo said:

"We're a peaceful alliance."

Well, Orbis isn't a peaceful place.

You are wrong, Oblivion is the best example of peaceful alliance.


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Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.


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I dont believe for one second that a micro needs a protector, even if they are not a raiding alliance; as long as they have good tier coverage, strong wills, dont grow too fast or spread out, and aren't profitable targets most raiders would leave them alone eventually, but there is absolutely no reason to have a full blanket ban on raiding, especially inactives in inactive alliances or unaligned when you can easily make 2 weeks to a month's worth of passive revenue per round(~2 days) in the micro & quantum tier consistently.

That should make you a target, not just of raiders but of any who wish to liberate your members from your tyranny, not allowing them to scavenge the dead in the name of "Archeology".


As the Roman phrase goes:


Those who want peace, should declare so many wars that people think they are crazy and leave them alone.



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