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  1. Our news outlet will be covering events within the Orbis World, we represent an unbiased look into these occurrences. In no way does this reflect/is endorsed by our alliance. We opened this news room out of a love for all things P&W. Our first news article will be an interview with Pope Innocent lll, of the Papal States. He is the leader of a new and upcoming micro, Bombardier. The following is the interview: KingThrokk: 1) What made your alliance decide to make a public DOE at such an early stage? 1b) Did it go how you expected? Pope Innocent lll: 1) I did it to make a point. To show that there’s an alternative to raiding or joining a bigger alliance and becoming a debt slave, that collective action can overcome all. 1b. Yes, I expected the backlash. KingThrokk: 2) As a micro without a protectorate, what are your plans going forward to protect potential members/applicants? Pope Innocent lll: 2) We currently have an MDP with the USSR. KingThrokk: 3) Given that your alliance strictly forbids raiding, how do you plan on growing newer members effectively? Pope Innocent lll: 3) We gain revenue through commerce, infrastructure and command economics. We protect these assets with strong naval power. Having access to the global trade market is key. KingThrokk: 4) In your DOE you mentioned “uniting all micros”, is it your alliances wish to eventually get other micros their sovereignty? Pope Innocent lll: 4) Yes, we seek to give micros an out, so they can break the cycle or raiding, debt and poverty. So that they can become the masters of their own destiny. KingThrokk: 5) Finally, is there anything you wish for the people of Orbis to know about you or your alliance? Pope Innocent lll: 5) Yes, I want them to know that we are a peaceful alliance, we want to grow and bring back the old ways of commerce living in peaceful coexistence with all other alliances and nations. This concludes the interview with Pope Innocent lll of Bombardier, all parties have consented to the interview and its’ public release.
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