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Changes to "Find Nations in War Range"

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Alex already made some tweaks to the default settings that will no doubt be useful when searching for targets. These are additional settings/changes that will further increase the functionality of that feature, and significantly improve target finding in war.

This is pretty straightforward. Officer+ can designate alliances as enemies and remove them from the list. This list of enemies is only visible on the control panel unlike the list of allies, which is public. The main purpose of this is for a new default setting on the "Find Nations in War Range" page, which by default will only display enemy nations (unless there are none.)

An addition to this would be in-game raid rules. This would work the same way, with a panel allowing alliances to set raid rules by rank and/or protector rank and if the nation is applicant or member. By default, nations who don't meet those requirements won't show up on the Find Nations in War Range page, although this can be changed in settings. When declaring, there will also be a banner stating that you are attacking a nation outside your alliance raid rules. The enemy list trumps raid rules.

tl;dr QoL changes to make life a little easier for new player raiding and wartime attacks.

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1. If this was to be added, would this be a toggleable option, like "Hide Beige Nations".

2. If you really can't trust one of your members to not raid outside DNR, just kick them or feed them targets on discord. 😛

tldr; This is an :pepestahp: moment.

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12 hours ago, Vero said:

Horrible idea, we don't need people to hold our hand and restrict player freedom because noobs hit different people. Also I will have less meme content when during the next GW anti-quack hit their own allies. Jokes aside, this is not a qol suggestion, this is a suggestion to bolster the effectiveness of alliances who have mass members and no competency. Undeserved, let them figure out how to turn off friendly fire on their own.

It doesn't restrict player freedom, there's no actual enforcement of this. It's a toggleable setting.

Would you feel different if it was just the alliance wartime enemy list?

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