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10/19/2014 - Upgraded Hosting

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Hi guys!


I'm happy to announce that I've popped for some higher end hosting for our site. We're now on our own virtual private server instead of just on shared hosting.


I'm hoping this'll mean things will run faster (not that I necessarily thought they were slow, but you know, faster is better!) and we should have less issues with the alliance banks disappearing and turns not working correctly.

Ironically enough, the switch was made at about 4 AM this morning (server time) and I was sleeping and unable to address a minor problem that came as the result of the switch, which was that no one got any turns between then and now. Fortunately, that was only 2 turns that didn't work correctly (and like I said -- it didn't work for anyone so we're still on even ground), but we should be all set now.


As always, thanks for being so supportive of the game everyone!

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