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No Man's Sky

Frank Todd

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Did they release it? There was a beta some time ago.

It is in gold (meaning it is being mass produced now) and is set to release on the 9th of next month.

I been waiting for this game to come out for so long...

Haven't we all.

*looks away dramatically*

Haven't we all...


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A very ambitious game which is very exciting in theory.  I hope it lives up to expectation especially given all the technology available and time invested.



If there are any old school PC gamers who remember a game called Starflight from the 1980's that also had procedurally generated content .  it had a similar open universe where you could go anywhere, explore literally hundreds of planets ( I think 800 total ) several of which could be landed on explored, various alien groups whom you could chat with as well as ship & crew upgrades.


If all that was possible in the 1980's on a floppy drive, No Mans Sky game better deliver in 2016 !! .

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The PC port is apparently buggy as f**k, and the game is almost like Spore on levels of disappointment.

Depends on who you talk to. I had a friend who talked mass shit about it from it's announcement, he then played the game and has nothing but good things to say about it. Tbh the game delivers on it's promise, and it doesn't sugar coat anything like spore did. With Spore you had a vague Idea how far away you were from your goal (and the Grox also never let you pass), in NMS you really understand how vast the galaxy is. Before I had to deal with the Game Breaking Glitch (will explain) I had gone through 4 black holes (Approx: 102.5 Million light years of distance) and was still no where near the center, which is ludicrous considering that the Alpha Centuri cluster is about 4.3 light years from earth.


The Adventure in the game is phenomenal, and if you are playing it for action (sadly) you are playing the wrong game. Sure there's pirates and/or the option to be a pirate, but as the game has yet to release it's Stations/Frieghters/or Planetary bases (for player ownership)... It isn't at full potential for piracy. Hello Games delivered on their promise tbh, and sure it has it's problems, but what game doesn't right out of the bat, and this one is grand in scale (and has quite large and complex algorithms no less).



Btw the Game breaking glitch is if you use the Pre-order ship before you receive the Hyperdrive Blueprint and then leave the area that you spawned in aannnddd then buy/find another ship, you get stranded out in whatever system you are in. I had to start a new profile because of it :c but still a 9/10 for NMS, I love it.

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To be 100% honest, I didn't look at any reviews when it came out, bought it, and played it blind. I really enjoyed it and still could give less of a !@#$ about reviews. It's a game that is right up my alley. :)

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