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  1. Thalmor Radio, &/or even Morf Radio content much?
  2. Ill glady do it in a recorded song even live too!
  3. By your standards, 95% of the game would then skip over anything anyone outside ones close group says. The fact that you read mine as well doesnt make it an accident, makes it that you both have a ego to stroke & another ego to very measly attempt to curbstomp. Plus, if someone's usually got to get a kick out of putting down another one's instead of genuity between folks, then someone's definitely compensating for something. Then again sometimes big things can come in small packages although y'alls fuses seem to be faulty wire in most cases too. Having to compensate even more nothing less again.
  4. Dont act like I havent spoken against t$ & for Cata
  5. Lately id choose T$ over Cata
  6. I do understand this while deul was more looking at tkr at a solo Alliance level with the few people who did VM postwar. Its known both of us troll from time to time as well enjoy throwing our own jokes out there, not everyone's going to appreciate it due to difference of opinion ( that's a given between people) but Brewing hate is nowhere near what we intend. I only decided to overextend the joke towards CTO as well withheld sphere as a whole, especially since CTO is making wh look bad for whoever is vming. If I'm just going to get shat on alongside my buddy cuz a group of people decide to push their motives in an underlyingly hateful but inconsiderably righteous manner, so be it. Take it as you will but constantly taking stuff out of another's contextual intentions while inserting one's own perception that doesn't take an account others outside ones view will only shallow ones mindset furthermore. HoF from what I know from obviously being on the receiving end of so many backlashes knows that very well further how to deal with it. Continuing doing what you're doing Thal n other HoFers cuz I can see both sides of why yall do as ya mind.
  7. Apparently, you lack basic comprehension as per usual. I said if need be meaning if things get to a point, not that it has already. It's also laughable that you're saying everyone agrees with you although it's just over generalizing what you guys collectively believe. Then again I also just got to look at who is uploading and responding alongside one another What hurts one to not ask when confused? Oh yeah, ego stroking & motive pushing
  8. I do wholeheartedly agree on this note, just don't understand why one would turn around to still openly criticize opposers while when they do it themselves, it's all good in the hood
  9. Howdy do there partner, I do not know how in any way, shape, or form that you've broken the glass ceiling so hard with your collective e-peens althou yall seem to really enjoy whipping them around. Collectively yes it's very big but you're each compensating for something that's very much smaller individually than average. But fact that you as well others past and currently take such extraneous amount of effort against me as well others like me who are contrarians are constantly blared out in this shape and form nearly every time worries me on the actual state of the community. In fact, I know for sure that I'm nowhere near perfect myself, I know that for sure. I personally question and criticize as a way to help with my learning curve so I do understand better than leaving myself to my own devices that may worsen my own prison. I have learned way much more by doing what I currently do then sitting around awaiting to speak when I'm spoken to further on following so. What I as well a few others do doesn't work for everybody, I get that, although just because we choose to seek our own sense than follow another, doesnt mean we always mean bad by stirring the pot. We are mostly all 18+, right? I just wonder why I see a lot of emotional uproar, thought projection, n self projection nearly everywhere I go? Nobodies perfect so what's the point of lauching oneselves, even collevtively to bring somebody down? Most the time is just someone or some people just trying to throw something under the rug that they're too embarrassed to deal with more maturely, no? I've done so a few times myself, I admit, nowhere near perfect. Althou when does asking questions & critiquing become a bad than trusting ones own thoughts/feelings without questioning/critiquing for within itself just because "it feels right". It's not necessarily the best to appease as many people as possible, most will not be there for you as most care for their own reputation. In truth, those were there for one nearly no matter what happens are the true people that are worth one's time, even when pitted at eachother time to time. Resolving an issue constructively that doesn't put another destructively down very harshly, even if it takes baby steps, we'll build a much stronger Bond over time than anything else. Very few Bittersweet friends are far more valuable than a lot of sugared up shallow-ended Buddies.
  10. Welcome to my world, where people enjoy being treated even act like toddlers in order to be understood while people like me have to act it's okay. I'm just an adult adulting whole trying to be a role model on what adulting should be between each other. @Darth Tryptophan @Canbec now you too, please hug each other and give each other a kiss on the cheek to make up towards each other as well tell the other you're sorry so we can just get this over with and move on! Congratulations on finally admitting up to your obsessive compulsive issues! Would you like a trophy and some candy?
  11. As always you guys can throw junk around while being stuck up in the name of you guys being the heroes (PnW Community's knights in "shining" armor). This was supposed to be a joke aimed at TKR as well yo whole sphere as a whole mass VMing in accordance to you guys as well your current as well past allies being so adamant about fighting Wars yet you guys are now war dodging yourselves?! Take another L as well higher dosage of copium, you really going to need it. Go cry & seethe elsewhere than enforce the need to "defend" sanctimonious excuses just to push your propaganda/motives. Especially since you just admitted up to it within your own words in regards to VM.
  12. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5049 What about these guys? They look like they're having such a blast while out on vacay too!!!
  13. Don't let people like him get underneath your skin or don't try to respond to posts like those often, they only do it for their entertainment even if it takes flaming, baiting, and trolling self-centeredly. All that matters is you keep being yourself as long as you are being considerable and understanding in a manner that isn't intentioned to harm much.
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