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  1. Change score ranges for wars because some down declares are just ridiculously unfair
  2. Didn't you post a RoH? If you just countered CTO rather than made a forum post you wouldn't have been "dragged in" You probably would have been fine if you negotiated the treaty before you armed up
  3. Congrats on the treaty, IRON and GATO!
  4. Who do you think will admit these as their CB unless they also hurl "HeGeMoNy" at a sphere for the top one?
  5. ??? The timing and tiering don't seem too good here... But good luck nonetheless
  6. Yzard

    We Win

    So this is why you invited me out for a drink... Too bad you got the wrong secret leader. Our real secret leader is *bang!* *Gurgling noises*
  7. So when people say "he/she's for the streets" they mean they just end up applying to join you? Congrats on existing! 🥳 Btw we'll declare war on you if your offshore or training alliance isn't called The Hood
  8. Top part got cut off but Kan says "someone wants to join the embassy" and I say "open the gate"
  9. ... Did you just hijack my post? I APPROVE
  10. You're next. Make sure you don't lie about how your day has been
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