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  1. Boo! disband! Nobody likes you!!! Jk I look forward to our new relationship with CoA
  2. I respect this. You acknowledge you failed and you're ready to move on.
  3. Them: "let them eat cake!" Me, an intellectual: "let them eat radiation!" Long story short, me and my nonexistent nukes aren't done with orbis yet.
  4. Yzard


    Don't you have to eliminate half the players first?
  5. I'm so confused... No one really knew about this anyway, so what you actually just did was expose jayfeather to the world. How do you even go from trying to convince someone to convince someone else to convincing them that someone else wants to fight them?
  6. I too like the feeling of destroying player's infra and their militaries. If you raid smartly then you can earn a large number of money and resources in a raid, making you a profit. I like taunting my enemies when they rage or complain in PMs. I like how wars end up stimulating the market as the prices for resources rise. But what I REALLY enjoy is the thrill of thoroughly crushing someone
  7. Just found your nation and I have some things to say. 1) If you win a war your approval rating actually increases 2) There is no winning in this game, no final goal to meet 3) If nation score is a measurement of success then I'd say I'm more successful than you, I have double your nation score and I've played for 10 days more than you 4) If you raid intelligently then you will always make a profit, why else do you think Arrgh hasn't gone under?
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