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  1. Montgomery Burns

    Terminal Jest declaration of war on Pantheon and Federation

    Partisan stronk
  2. Montgomery Burns

    SNN-Too big to fail

    The Bernie Madoff of Orbis... Guess its time for proper banking from now on.
  3. Montgomery Burns

    What do you like about war?

    I have been a chess player for years and war in PnW is very simular, which I personaly enjoy,
  4. Montgomery Burns

    Raiffeisen Bank declaration of existence

    I completely agree, it is truly amazing what they have achieved.
  5. Montgomery Burns


    I actually want the market to stay how its right now, low prices mean saving money.
  6. Montgomery Burns

    Raiffeisen Bank declaration of existence

    SOLD Sincerely, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Charles Montgomery Burns
  7. Montgomery Burns


  8. Montgomery Burns

    Reichspakt is Nazi!

    Gott mit uns means God with us. Doesnt mean they are Nazi. Gott mit uns was already used before the Nazis by the Prussians. To me this just looks like another try to destroy a alliance.

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