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  1. Zodiac? Wut? You mean Lordaeron?
  2. As i see it, it's unlikely that the goal is just to get the bounty and "ward off" bounty hunters. In the war timeline it's clear that the attacking nations intended to deal the maximum damage possible (using full ships to attack instead of just 1 to reduce resistance), and from an economic standpoint it doesn't make sense. I don't know what caused Fark to do so, but when someone gets big bounties on their head it's suffice to say that the nation in question is either hated or controversial.
  3. Since OP is a piece of crap and doesn't have a part where you can read it easily, I'll render the text into a better font: When you play the game of Orbis, you win, or you die. For two long the Seven Kingdoms and Arrgh have strong-armed the good people of Orbis. It is the duty of our illustrious organisation to protect the downtrodden, powerless, alliances of Orbis like the New Pacific Order. With this proclamation, the LEGO Bloc hereby declares its intention to annex both the Seven Kingdoms and Arrgh. Brooklyn666, the tyrant King of the Seven Kingdoms, shall take a knee and swear fealty to the signatories of the LEGO Bloc. Failure to do so will result in a public flogging in a gimp suit. Bluebear, a sentient dumpster fire and leader of Arrgh, is expected to publicly declare the might and superiority of the LEGO Bloc over Arrgh LEGO Bloc will not negotiate their terms. Signatories (Figure it out yourself) You ask, we answer.
  4. I was focusing more on the "counter" part but oh well. They can't resolve a dispute between 2-3 nations so they extended the war on the whole alliance? That's cute. IQ is just returning the favor.
  5. "Countered" Oh boy. Sure, if you attack 1 nation for attacking your alliance, we would acknowledge that action as a counter attack. Please recheck IoM's war activity and see what they did when "counter", by declaring over 20 wars, with only 3 against the original attacker. And for that CB, Qora from Owr and Taco from Zodiac only hit Arnout and no one else, and Qora even peace out. There's no justification for IoM's actions.
  6. Of course my current war chest is shit. If i had anything it would be looted away with the "no beige" tactic. I was beiged 3 times and i lost at most 3,5 mil in resource each time. Everything i had is in a safe place.
  7. Well, looking at Taco's war activity at that point shows that when both nations gets to around 40-50 resistance, Taco was hit and zeroed by 3 other nations, so Bourhann could 1 ship beige or ground him, while Taco intended not to. Fortifying only works if you are the defender, not aggressor. Plus when each hit cost you 300-400 infra it's better to be beiged. Because the war was too deep in, it's almost impossible to wait it out, like Sir Scarfalot had shown in the TJ thread iirc. I admit it's dumb for Taco to keep a large amount of resource on hand. But then he considered himself in no danger and his military is much larger than Bourhann's until arrgh ghosts hit him. I couldn't beige Bourhann because Roq has my family. Send halp.
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