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  1. They've always been here. They hid in TUA and Camelot
  2. And no I don't care what project I should've made first cause frick you
  3. Well The South rising again didn't last very long.
  4. The patented Knight Theme stream continues. Somehow the hood found a conglomerate of knights with the banner “Blackstone Legion”. “JordonAM, how is there a hood and a knight order in the same planet at the same time?” you may be asking Well Don’t ask questions. Anyway, they met each other and Ayo was like, “Aye, we should ride together” and Apollyon was like, “What did you say?” because Knights don’t know African American Vernacular English (aka Ebonics) you feel me? So Ayo said, “Aw my bad. Ahem, Would you like to work together with us?” and Apollyon was like, “What do you mean?” “A merge. A combination of our two alliances” “Under Blackstone Legion?” “More like a new name in general.” So the members all took a vote and by...a lot of votes...Knights of Malta was chosen. “”That’s lit,” says Ayo, trying to shake up with Apollyon, who is very confused at what Ayo just said and moves his hand in a panicking matter trying to keep up with him. So, in short (And this is a very short DoE) The United Hoods and Blackstone Legion are no more. The alliance will now be merged as another knight alliance….wait what….another? Well that’s kinda boring. Ahem. Anyways, please welcome Knights of Malta into Orbis. Hooray more knights….yay. But hey, they declare their existing existence...that exists….okay I’m done being weird. Not really. I’ll never be done being weird. Written by the ghost JordonAM aka “Creed Mallory” (If you're wondering why I'm here, I'm sorta an adviser. I just kinda hang out and help. I play other games now. No plans to come back.)
  5. I contacted Alex. He can't do anything about this. It's up to Discord which I contacted already and am awaiting a repsonse
  6. This is going to be hard to write… It’s been around 200 days since I first started. Almost became a New Pacific Order member but was messaged by a member of the newly found alliance called United Hoods. The alliance grew some more and I became an officer, The Secretary of State to be exact. It was fun being able to talk to everybody and I was promoted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Heir to the alliance. I wanted to stay that way since I didn’t like absolute power and I liked my leader enough. I’ve helped with treaties and keep foreign relations with other alliances. I thought I was a pretty decent representative. I tried to be the nicest I could to anyone unless provoked of course. I would say people liked me and respected me enough. ~Creed Mallory Six months ago my friend invited me to play this game. Having nothing better to do I decided to make an account. I wasn’t interested in all of the big alliances, I wanted to be in an alliance that was small enough so I could learn the basics of this game. I ended up joining The Mighty Atlantic, while it didn’t last long it was a home for me. I was the Economics Captain and the designer of our alliance. I felt really loved there. A few weeks after the downfall of TMA, some old members created another micro alliance called The Crimson Entente. In the Crimson, I felt like I could be a shining light in this dull community and I was for a while till things started to go down hill. I don’t mind if you bother me in-game but when it comes to personal life that’s where I draw the line. So I’ll be removing myself. To all the people who have supported and helped me I want to say thank you. ~Freya Recently, someone paid another individual to find personal information about me. They even went as far as to attack my girlfriend and threaten to release information on the forums if I didn’t send $50 Million to the Camelot bank. Yes. They threatened my personal life for in-game money. I’m not pointing fingers, and I truly don’t believe it was Camelot who did so. I don’t put the blame on them as I received help from people like Bill Rice and TheShadow and I respect them for that. I’m still going to investigate on who the slimy culprit is, but as of now, Freya and I will be leaving the game and removing ourselves from the community. I have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. No game should go this deep as to personally threaten to harm someone, or even pay someone to. For that, I condemn whoever was behind this. I will still keep in contact with the friends I’ve made. They’ve been supportive of me my whole time playing the game and for me to just start out and help build an alliance to the Top 50? That’s an achievement in my book. I wish them well in building United Hoods even larger to...let’s say, Top 30. I hate to leave my position, I had an important job that got us out of a lot of scuffles and helped us make more friends. You’ll probably forget about me in the future, this whole thing might not even matter to a lot of you, but for the people that do care: Thank you. ~Creed Mallory MVPs (Creed Mallory): All of United Hoods (Past and Present Members) Skitzbro Xea Asierith Slw122 Imperial.RoughNeck ElBarto666 and Animation Domination Ukunaka and Empire of Moonlit Sakura JordyHamsVII Jane and The Revolutionary Front Epimetheus The $yndicate Tl;dr Freya and Creed Mallory are exiting the game due to a personal attack on us.
  7. Hit or Miss Rag got Camelot pissed, Huh You got some spies But I bet they didn't frisk ya, mwah They gon get the ransom so they won't go hit ya They gon slice your score like it's some pizza
  8. I like reading a dictionary. Tf you mean. Y'all weird
  9. Your eyes are fine. Otherwise, you'd be seeing a doctor and not posting this pic Or at least not damaged enough
  10. Man, for a text-based game, people in this community really don't like to read ? Must be why a lot of fights start
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