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  1. There's a reason almost all of Arrgh's older members end up retiring. Raiding is a lot of work, managing and facilitating raiding is even more.
  2. Definitely not rolling my eyes at all! I'm a firm believer in the bots. The manuals and, to the degree you'd like, documentation I think falls under culture. I think some groups thrive without it, I think some groups absolutely need it. Arrgh deals with a lot of new people so we definitely need things like a simple raiding guide. TKR probably experiences a similar influx of newbies. To cite a shared experience - Church of Spaceology was really more of a communal alliance where it didn't have a lot (any?) codified guides or structure but ran relatively smoothly just via mutual collaboratio
  3. I cannot wait to hear 4-6 people agree that a NAP is somehow a positive for politics in Orbis. I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I'll catch the recording, good luck with your show Morf!
  4. I appreciate the upvotes and support, but I was hoping this would spark a discussion and dialogue as well as a good read
  5. It's a slow news day for PnW so instead of trolling #theBalkans on RON, I'm here to at least try to provide some service to the community. This may turn into a multi-part series of threads but we'll see how this first one goes. Firstly, hi. I've been government in many alliances across multiple games at this point. I'm young irl but old in nationsims. This genre of game is, masochistically, one of my favorite things to spend my bored-time on. To that end, I see a lot of "veteran" governments - even in some major alliances - make some odd choices with their alliance(s). So while it's
  6. The only places where taxes get spent on roads and parks are the places where the rich already live.
  7. In the general experience, highroller games result in 2-3 people playing which isn't a fun poker game.
  8. It's strikingly sad to see these are the numbers that people look at and genuinely think try to spin a narrative that Quack is anywhere near a hegemony.
  9. Bruh Quack is, by all accounts, just a pole in a multi-polar world. They're only a threat because it suits your narrative and gives the war-hawks a target to beat the drums against. Please refer to this high quality graph and you'll see quack is significantly outnumbered in the game and "the threat" will actually just be a dogpile every time.
  10. Rose's FA team is more absent than my father still looking for that milk after 27 years.
  11. NPO wasn't bad for the game but Roquentin's NPO was. A lot of former Vanguard effectively took over NPO's "brand" and they ran the same style of diplomacy they did in other games: Exclusionary, toxic, and exploitative (read: Cheating). The same group that was running multi rings in CN started running a scam in PnW in order to "win" this game. Again, read: cheat their way to chasing everyone else out of a nationsim which relies on multiplayer interaction. The toxicity which Pacifica displayed basically put them into the "griefer" category in my mind - I would never willing play another nat
  12. Happy to finally see this go through. TKARRGH!
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