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  1. imagine the previous global war where every NPO nation had 20k tanks, max soldiers, max airforce, max navy, and was still only 1400 score. lmao.
  2. For now, while fixes or tweaks are looked at, can we please band-aid the problem by reverting military score to its pre-update levels? My nation with 0 planes, tanks, or ships is permanently in range of people with 25k tanks, 2000 planes, and 250+ ships. As long as this particular piece of the update stands uncorrected, this is devastating to anyone at war. @Alex please consider an immediate band-aid update to give military its score value back.
  3. Gentlemen, as you know, modern warfare does not take place on the battlefields of Europe and Asia but in the backrooms and hidden places of our world. By the time the first bullet flies, the outcome has usually been decided by mountains of work in the shadow... Today I come before you to reveal such a hidden war. A war without bloodshed but just as lethal and cruel. The war for the Black team name. Arrgh, though outnumbered, has fought the good fight. Black Knights, though devastated by treachery in their upper echelons in the previous global, have proven a worthy opponent. But now it is time this war come to an end. This conflict shall be solved in an unusual way for the Pirates: Not with a sword, but with a pen. I give you, with the support of a Shifty Stranger, the newest name for the Black Team. Thank you for your time.
  4. If anything, Arrgh's score counts for double that of any other alliance. Not like we've ever mellowed out and stopped raiding so hitting top ten with no infra was probably a big deal... 10,000 years ago when Buck was in Admiralty :P
  5. I wish we could pull the data because Arrgh's raiding of purple-inactive nations and hoarders has honestly put a considerable amount of resources on to the actual free market. We don't hoard, we sell for that sweet sweet dosh. You could call us... liberators.
  6. This is my short term worry as well. Long-term I wonder what this will result in down the road. Shortages, city-build shifts, price gouging, etc.
  7. Not you, obviously.
  8. Roberts

    Eclipse DoE

    Remember all the people who want revenge on pirates but can't get it because we don't have any infra to knock down? You've fallen to one of the classic blunders. jk good luck!
  9. I urge you to report him.
  10. Congrats to all involved
  11. Back at it again with some economic interests. So Alex posted his enforcement of game rules on February 5th. This resulted in a mass exodus of GPWC, NPO, GOONS, and other alliances from PnW. By the end of February we began seeing a downward slope for raw resources. Coal: Almost 50% of the world supply gone Bauxite: Almost 50% of the world supply gone Food production stagnated since March Iron almost 50% used up Lead almost 3/4th of the supply vanished Cash hasnt recovered to pre-Feb 5th levels yet Oil : almost 50% gone Uranium supply is down 25% Basically tl;dr - It appears the market suppliers have all gone home. Aluminum appears to be the only resource being crafted at a reasonable rate, all the others are very slowly recovering. Our market is looking like it might be fooked for a long time in our post-apocalypse world.
  12. ahhh ok now it all makes sense. You're the alliance harboring him. No further questions.
  13. Nothing happens if you don't make it happen.
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