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  1. How many times will we give the benefit of the doubt? I'm starting to doubt it's a benefit at all. As Grub, Roquentin, and others have stated on multiple occasions - "Community ties will carry across games, it's not surprising than allies in other games tend to be allies in this game." I guess their conscious choice to carryover their CN name isn't a clear enough indicator. IRON has just been an NPO client state for years now so I'm sure it'll be fine. Though I admit I'm not overtly worried for the community seeing IRON with 5 members protected by Aurora.
  2. Just to follow up on this: Horsecock won the $50m voice lottery only to lose it immediately in our high stakes game. Hwan cleaned house in the original game with a $188m grand prize. Second place was roughly $22m. It was a great time.
  3. high-stakes game? We can discuss it when everyone congregates before the game. Or we can run a separate high stakes game after, either way.
  4. I hope to hear your melodious voice tomorrow
  5. Ahoy! In a rare turn of events, you might be able to get some money from Arrgh! I'm hosting a poker "night" on Arrgh's discord using Pokernow's wobsite. Starting tomorrow Jan. 23rd at 2pm EST. There will be prizes, there will be blood, there might be tears. https://discord.gg/j7fVq6RcnG $10m buy-in for each person. First place taking 80% of the pot - guaranteed $100m prize regardless of pot size (if we don't get enough people, I'll pay the difference.) Second place taking 20% of the pot 3rd place gets their $10m back. To encourage participation in the soci
  6. Good luck with the future t$. I hope Dionysus uses the @everyone ping much less often than his predecessor.
  7. I fail to understand what other riots have to do with legality or morality of any other riot. Maybe I'm in the minority but I'm very tired of deflection as a talking point. I get viscerally annoyed at this point when discussing politics and the only response you can glean out of someone is "yes, but the others did it too."
  8. I'm going to dip my toe into OOC discussion here and see what happens. I don't see a thread on this and I feel like it was a big enough deal to warrant one. protesters in DC broke into the Capitol building while Congress was in session - specifically while they were certifying the electoral votes for the next President. protesters beat, at least, one cop to death on film. Damaged or stole property. Caused the Senate and House to be evacuated to some bunker somewhere. At least one rioter was shot and later died after trying to charge through a doorway full of police/security.
  9. Turn the leaderboards page into a full-length leaderboard. Display all nations. Chances are, if you play this game, you enjoy watching numbers on a screen move up or down. You might be into spreadsheets. There are thousands of players yet the leaderboards only show the top ten players in each category. I assume the data exists and simply needs to be displayed. I think this would be a huge QoL update for anyone interested in being competitive and seeing where they rank in the various categories.
  10. whew that is... a hot take. lmao I see kastor more as one of the Lannister uncles. Vying for power and getting close - maybe in the "in" circle for certain scenes - but never quite getting into the spotlight. Roquentin is definitely more of a Cersei. You might like him if you were in bed with him, but otherwise he was a callous leader who didn't care for the rest of Orbis. He attained power, was able to hold onto it, but went off the rails in the end.
  11. I haven't heard a cohesive name for this war yet on discord therefore I picked the clever-est names on this list. The thing that stuck out most to me here was the 3 blocs vs. 1 bloc dogpile and the general unrest caused by "paperless" agreements between blocs. I don't really see a good name for that, it kinda feels like Quack had a better control on the narrative but the winners are naming the war. Which is fine, just an observation.
  12. I unironically voted for Alex's NPO cheating scandal post as best propaganda because there was no better propaganda this year lmao. I think categories like best milcom / econ / ia / FA / etc should be removed as they're prone to either extreme bias or extreme ignorance. How can anyone who isn't in Guardian or GOB ever know how well their milcom does? You can't. So those votes are inherently a popularity vote or at best they're a "who won the war" vote. Yeah you thought I was joking when I said I literally would not have gotten things done without you last year on the awards... It'
  13. Hello. I know how annoying it is to run the yearly awards, everyone complaining and hating on any effort you put in. I like that this year we got a little creative and let the alliances have reps to vote on things separately, that was a good addition I think. However, the number one complaint every year seems to be that things turn into a popularity contest. After seeing some of the (preliminary) results, I can definitely see where they're coming from. The best war declaration winner (as of this text) has one broken image, one MS-Paint photoshopped image, and one sentence - just as an exa
  14. I'm sure Adrienne did her best but welcome to democracy. Name recognition is the most powerful tool.
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