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  1. yeah bruh NGL that mad hurt my feelings. Denison was in my DM's within seconds to make jokes lmao
  2. Boo, go back to paperless TEst.
  3. I asked around on discord and apparently there is a mixed bag of people who are and are not experiencing the issue. I only noticed because Arrgh's flag(s) have been broken for at least a week now for me. It temporarily fixed when we swapped to a war flag and now back to broken.
  4. With 2 out of every 3 suggestions being a new project, we need to re-examine how project slots function if that's going to be a primary mode of nation customization. 5-10 slots for the average nation doesn't offer a ton of freedom especially considering that several projects are "essential" to functioning in PnW. I have a few perspectives on this: 1. Classify certain projects as "Essential" and these cost 0 slots to purchase. These can be viewed as flat nation upgrades rather than nation customization slots. My personal suggested list would be the Intelligence Agency, Propaganda Bure
  5. I saw this, but then also saw "leaks" showing that people had pulled the amounts of resources Arrgh had in its bank... So how is that not a security issue?
  6. I don't run any bot-related, nor have I ever shared my API key. Yet I've pulled 13 requests today? Sup with this @Alex
  7. That's not Krampus...
  8. Arrgh will be joining the Swamp after our war ends as well. Just announcing it now so no one gets surprised.
  9. dude activated a 1000-nation MD clause after agreeing to white peace the raids/counters/escalations.
  10. This is the theme of the whole war so far.
  11. If you want people to trust you then by trustworthy. Stabbing in the back and trying to claim innocence is honestly the dumbest tactic you could choose here given the war screen is literally public to anyone looking. You guys are still in the DM saying Swamp got called in on their MD clauses because "the news servers said Arrgh was the aggressor."
  12. Is it only 7? So not only does Ampersand declare a very personal crusade on Arrgh, but you can't even fight it yourselves? The Federation has an entire page of offensive wars on us right now. I think even TFP got in more than 7.
  13. Alexio has been beating his chest for days, ordering allies to join in, and has been continually moving goalposts while simultaneously filling defensive slots. Notice our "agreement" (Murtaza asking people to chill) was almost a week ago. Notice how many aggressive wars have been declared in that time. This is all a ruse to attack yet another small group with the Swamp Zergswarm. Just like TEst and TCW experienced recently. Particularly annoying because I don't mind war, but I mind wasting time in a "negotiation" designed to obfuscate an aggressive war.
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