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  1. The mighty Carthage beckons all who brave the seas in search of glory and profit. From old Phoenicia we came across the great sea, founded our New City and began to build our empire. The seas may be rough, the Romans may bring their salt, but Carthage will prevail and prosper. For those seeking to join we offer monetary and economic support, mutual defense and common cause, and a path to undisputed glory. Join our discord for more information: https://discord.gg/k9VQdtp
  2. So when we will begin to see some of the suggested changes or greenlit changes being moved to Live?
  3. Oh so you're doing High-Quality comics now? Nice
  4. Sounds good. Just keep in mind the game doesn't wait for bulk-updates, people fight wars every day using the current score system. Glad this went smoothly though!
  5. @Borg very cool stuff lately mate.
  6. Can we please stay on topic? One fix at a time. @Alex @Prefontaine @Changeup @dev team Any update on the status of this suggestion?
  7. "The next world war will be started by some damned fool micro" - Bismarck 2020
  8. redeeming credits for resources is really just something people do out of true desperation under blockade. If it's not equal to the food redemption amount then redeem it for cash and buy food.
  9. I just threw a quick one together with absolutely no bias to post as a screenshot
  10. I thought this would be fun and totally not something to procrastinate on instead of homework. Use the link to rank 20 PnW alliances that I felt were interesting enough to rank. Post your rankings below! https://tiermaker.com/create/pnw-alliances-517430 Example:
  11. Damn I've never been more attracted to you
  12. @Alex any word on the feasibility of this suggestion
  13. It's the nicest thing you can do to thy neighbor.
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