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  1. I much preferred the Socialist GOONS to the "everything we post is a joke" GOONS
  2. It said it was targeting non-chrome so I assumed GOOG We're discussing upgrading to the newest version of captcha. It's supposed to be much better at detecting bots and much easier on the end user (players) because it's not an image verification thing.
  3. Good. Rather Google dominates the world than some of these other choices...
  4. You gonos got me so good. I actually believed what your FA guys said and posted as an announcement! Very good troll to ruin your own trustworthiness like that.
  5. 100% agree @Alex could we implement recaptcha v3?
  6. It doesn't necessarily matter if he's better or "worse". It's the continuation of leadership turnover that matters. It's the only way this game moves forward.
  7. Why are you even arguing this point? There was real tension developing between TKR and KT during Surf's Up - your NPO propaganda people were literally making memes about "having so much fun in this war" while TKR and KT were salt-posting. You decided to hit them and give them a common enemy but that still doesn't make TKR "pro-KT" or vice versa. It just makes them both dislike NPO. Small side note - NPO has already burned enough PR this war via its own actions. You really don't need to start defending Kosmo's posting to add to it. @Shadowthrone please become Emperor ASAP. We need your shining light to lead us from this darkness.
  8. “Edited by Shadowthrone” im going to assume rather than correcting a small grammatical error or typo that you actually edited out your real response indicating your impeding hostile takeover of NPO. unfortunately the mods are all NPO and can see your edit history. RIP.
  9. As a matter of fact, it’s about time Roquentin retired to “shadow gov” as well.
  10. Please re-ascend to the throne or make Tiber emperor. Or Taco. Or literally anyone else. I was outraged and upset at some moves BK made when under other leaders. But they were just an alliance that “opposed” my friends. I grew to hate BK because of Thanos/Leo.
  11. Not sure what honor has to do with anything. You got cancelled on mid-war by the ally you chained into the war with. This very announcement is talking about how they manipulated your alliance into the war in the first place. Closing off the BK-supporting front of the war if not withdrawing entirely would be a sensible next step.
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