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  1. Bartholomew Roberts

    PnW Holiday Happiness: Charity in the Nuclear Winter

    Hey guys just wanting to drop a final update! We raised $519 for Charity Water through this PnW donation drive, 100% of that money has been allocated into field work for digging wells and providing clean access to water for third world areas! The email they sent me says over the next 21 months they'll be updating us on the status of the work being done so if anyone's interested in that I can make a new thread but I assume it'll be long time periods between posts. Charity Water has been a great way to raise money from gaming communities in the past for me, I know they'll keep up their great work going into the future. Thank you guys for your support, donations, and help getting this post visibility! And sorry for gravedigging
  2. Bartholomew Roberts

    Some Thoughts

    The beauty of this game is that if you can convince fools to join you in a war, then you don't need to be powerful in your own right.
  3. Bartholomew Roberts

    Some Thoughts

    You've used multiple different examples that each have their own explanation but ultimately when you analyze these arguably iconic villains you'll find their motivations fall under what a lot of critics would call "shit tier" motivation. I think if you look deeper into these you'll see that, despite any dialogue that the villain would use to justify themselves, each one of their motivations are all selfish/"shit tier" according to the chart. Also did you really just say Sauron had justified or empathetic motivations? The literal embodiment of evil in the Lord of the Rings has justified or empathetic motivations?
  4. Bartholomew Roberts

    Some Thoughts

    This is a conversation I have often with friends. In regards to written characters, not PnW personalities. The modern day idea that a villain needs a sympathetic motivation to be a well-written character is more of a meme than anything backed up by serious argument. I would contend than a truly evil character does not have understandable or sympathetic motivations. Tywin Lannister has nothing sympathetic about his motivations and is one of the best written and acted characters in recent memory. He would fall under the "shit tier" in this image, lusting for power. The Emperor from the original Star Wars trilogy is another example of a pure evil character with no motivations other than "shit tier" but is his effect not just as powerful? The Joker from the recent Batman movie? Ramsay Bolton? The Elder Gods from the Lovecraft universe? Thanos? Voldermort? Sauron? True evil, sadistic behavior, and a careless disregard for life are all things that resonate with people when they read/watch/encounter a true villain. Genuine good versus pure evil is a theme that dates back to time immemorial and there's a reason that's the case. Sympathetic villains are the exception, not the norm. To tie this into PnW - you don't need a mechanical reason from the game nor a grudge held from some slight to decide to "be the villain." If you can think of something interesting to do, then do it.
  5. Bartholomew Roberts

    End off-shore banks for Alliances

    I think this idea would be highly popular with the players, but be bad for the overall health of the game. I present three short arguments: Firstly, PnW is a game that emphasizes activity, opportunity, and engagement. Removing the need or desire for "off-shore" alliances that function as bank holders is not engaging, it doesn't reward activity, and it doesn't present new opportunity. Secondly, removing alliance bank looting would be yet another update that doesn't really help the people it's intending to help since they already have a solution (off-shores being the solution) but it would harm other players like raiders or the people that enjoy being in a micro AA that performs said off-shore services. Thirdly, having a storage area for resources and money to be untouchable via game mechanics is bad for the economics of the game. In a game environment you want resources able to freely circulate through the system via game mechanics. This would place the onus on the player to be willing to circulate resources, which just opens many doors to future exploits in my opinion. Everything in a PVP game (which is what PnW is) should be lootable so resources don't accumulate all in one place over time, even worse than they probably have already.
  6. Bartholomew Roberts

    SNN-Too big to fail

    It doesn’t really sound like a lesson was learned from the screenshot posted. How did multiple billions go unaccounted for and multiple people in charge of the money just shrugged and assumed someone else had it covered? Knowing how much and where your money is... that is the point of a bank, no? Sounds like Radoje was framed for the overall incompetency of the Bank. #FreeRad
  7. Bartholomew Roberts

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    Elaboration would be juicy.
  8. Bartholomew Roberts

    Increasing the Daily Login Bonus

  9. Bartholomew Roberts

    P&W: Imperator

    Nice theme!
  10. Bartholomew Roberts

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    Regardless of intent, you gave 2/3rd's (64.36%) of the money to 3 alliances out of the 20+ you bought from. Yes it was technically random choice but you are now seeing the result laid out before you with raw data. Things like this can give edges to people or have butterfly effects on some other important event later in the game.
  11. Bartholomew Roberts

    Fixing the war system

    I like the intent of this suggestion because the war system is indeed broken and we will never reach a full consensus on how to fix it because the advantaged won't willingly support losing their edge. With that in mind, I think if we tempered this a little it would work far better. For example, what if every war resulted in beige for the loser (the person with less resistance)? That way there is no way to scam the system and perma-war someone. Alternatively, buff the Propaganda Bureau. Make it so it halves the time to max military rather than 10%. Or just flat buff recruitment rates across the board and leave the PB as-is. The problem with unlimited recruitment rates is that it would turn PnW into another game that has failed partly due to the broken war system. Frawley detailed it out a little better but you get the idea. I really, really love increasing MAP's. I think that would go a long way for people who get hit then log on when they wake up to a zero'd out military. They at least have options.
  12. Bartholomew Roberts


    This is the Utmos(t) shocking read of the day... I’ll show myself out.
  13. Bartholomew Roberts

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    If it’s a one-time experiment, that seems fine. The amounts aren’t drastic and the resources lost obviously aren’t going to be missed. I just wanted to provide transparency with the data and help fully visualize the distribution of money. I tend to agree with the majority here that active administration of the game is highly preferred to the alternatives.
  14. Bartholomew Roberts

    Raise the Jolly Roger!

    Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me
  15. Bartholomew Roberts

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    I'm not against what he's done, nor do I think acting is bad. I support Alex's attempts to help. The problem comes in with the distribution of the money. Verduras (a single nation in TFP) has made hundreds of millions off of Alex buying his trades. TKR and CoS, both inhabiting the same political sphere currently, had a billion dollar stimulus dropped on them by the game Admin. In our politicized world, giving large benefits to one side or the other can tip the scales. I'm just arguing for fairness, not necessarily inaction. However, I recognize that's my biased opinion.

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