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  1. Economically they impact the game, statistically they are significant and could impact a war effort.
  2. OPSEC consists of not talking about plans except on discord DM's... to everyone who asks.
  3. This is interesting but I don't think it fully represents a true "economic" impact of these alliances. It's only economic in the sense that you can see how much money is directly lost through units/infra lost. Given, that's really as deep as you can go with a stat-tracker website and still be considered reasonable especially with the API limits probably. Some things to consider would be stuff like: - Amount of resources spent on attacks and defenses - (I personally don't think upkeep is a huge difference maker but) upkeep of units for the duration of a months long war - Did they get a RoI on the expensive higher infra purchases - A lot of nations have debt to 3rd parties where repayment was interrupted by the war. How will rebuilding and then debt impact their ability to grow in the future? - How many mines/refineries were decommissioned for the war effort? How many commerce improvements? Basically lost potential income. And then depending on the picture you want to paint... - the high-infra losses experienced by some people already had exceeded a RoI. Did they really take a net loss from that infra being destroyed if they made more than it cost to rebuild prior to it being destroyed? - An inflated resource market might be giving people huge boosts to income that don't reflect on net damages. etc. There's a lot of factors for an accurate economic picture and depending on the time period you look at... Some people may have experienced a "loss" but not a "net loss". This is why judging a war's outcome on stats is stupid anyway. I'm much more of a mind to agree that operational control is a signal of victory.
  4. So many blatantly wrong replies to this thread. Does anyone actually do the math and look at the data anymore?
  5. What else do you want to do in a political simulator?
  6. Dang bruh. TGH not really going too hard on FA anymore? If they approached you while being attacked by associates of coalition B, seems like a potential ally or at least bodies to utilize in the post-war.
  7. a lot of these heathens didnt even write up an original charter. they need Order
  8. And for reference since there's been a touch of confusion - we're now called Haven. I sincerely apologize for being a micro that rebranded but Swagrr was a god awful name and all of you should've talked me out of it.
  9. TEst declaring existence: Lots of love - Check Lots of hate - Check Sounds about right to me.
  10. There was a line and somehow Syndicate skipped it at one point?
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