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  1. I had no part of the scandal. But between the punitive action by alex. And the general toxicity i recieved both on discord and ingame, dont feel very welcomed or involved in this game. I wish you all good luck in your endeavors but some of yall need to take online games less seriously. I wish you all good luck.
  2. Fox

    Nova Riata Couped, Foxunism now firmly in place

    hmm on the one hand I do like foxes. on the other hand I already get accused of being a furry.
  3. Hmm can my memes have grutitutous amounts of gore and nudity?
  4. Fox

    The Rise has begun

    welcome to orbis. or as I like to call it. that place that keeps having nukes dropped on everyone
  5. Fox

    To whom it may concern.

    This alarms me. But then again i dont like change.
  6. Fox

    The couping of Sirius

    Its mostly me. I make mean memes.
  7. Fox

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Thats why we play. I cant wait for the next war and break all the records again! #2020fullyearofwar
  8. Fox

    The couping of Sirius

    I petition that i be the next leader of Sirius plez
  9. Fox

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Then its settled this war will not end until alex gives everyone a cup of coffee
  10. Fox


    Only 1 trillion?

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