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  1. Lairah

    Alliance Tariffs

    I personally think you don't understand the point of tariffs in general, nor the point of them in a setting like PW. Forcing people you don't like to spend more on resources, by you putting tariffs on them, is a simple but logical tactic. Especially, if, say, you are Rose, putting tariffs on NPO. NPO is well known to have outstanding debts already, you're just spitting on their shoes now. Don't be so close-minded, think in-depth about how this would affect relations, before saying its pointless. Two people who have, both think you're missing something. That's 66%, maybe reconsider that.
  2. Lairah

    Arrgh Public Service Announcement

    Weren't you just recently robbed by a person with a known history of screwing people over, whom you gave bank access anyway?
  3. Lairah

    Even Out Raids

    No. Alex already significantly reduced infrastructure damage done on beiging for raids. You to 25% as much infra damage in a raid type war as you did before this update. If i airstrike someone, in a raid war, with all 1080 of my planes, against their infrastructure, unopposed, i'll do maybe 90-100 damage. If i did the same on attrition, i would be in the ball park of 300. They're already doing you a saving grace as far as infrastructure goes by raiding you instead of declaring attrition.
  4. Lairah

    Even Out Raids

    Considering your alliance, i wonder why you're surprised you get raided. I raided your leader and not only did he not do a thing about it, he didn't even try to invoke any treaties to do anything about it. I'm not sure what big alliance you were in, wherein you got attacked and they didn't protect you, i'm guessing they weren't so big. Even smaller alliances do that. Even MY alliance does that, infact i'm often the person that dispatches them to do so. So i'm really not sure where you're getting this narrative from, any respectable alliance will protect it's members, and most alliances in the top 50 fall under that category. I think Arrgh may be the only exception, they only sometimes counter. If they feel like it.
  5. Lairah

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    Well, i suppose such errors as this are my reward for trying to engage in logical conversation with inadequate sleep and right as i wake up. Sleep is very important everyone, it stops you from looking like a fool. Upon even checking the T$ alliance page, it would indeed be the case i have found myself mistaken. I have a variety of excuses but i'll be sticking with fatigue and mild ignorance as the bearers of this truth. My point still exists at least, though, that's good news. It's.... much weaker than before, but all is not lost! Myself being a diplomat, albeit one very much still learning, i have recently learned a lesson that my word could represent not a single iota of ADM's opinion, yet it will be taken as such, because of who i am, and my station. That's for a mere diplomat, i can imagine the weight is much heavier on the department head, as well as his deputy. It really is a very nice format. My only complain is the fault of the forums themselves. I use the dark theme, and they have this horrid habit of making posts appear in black font sometimes. Thank you for your kind corrections on my inexcusably ignorant understanding of Syndicate's government, it is structured a bit differently than i am used to, but that's little excuse. You keep your treaties secret, not your government.
  6. Lairah

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    I'm afraid i do not recognize this term 'ParaCov', if you would be kind enough to elaborate.
  7. Lairah

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    If you speak to any Pantheon members, especially the government, you will learn that appointment of new Government is voted on by the other government. It seems to work on a "A nominates F for these reasons, vote." sort of thing. Firing perhaps, but i do believe appointment is supposed to have some semblance of democracy to it. That being said, i also assume a Titan could nominate their successor, and it would likely follow a similar process of the rest of gov voting to confirm this nomination. That is a rather logical process, especially when you consider recent events being what happens if they don't confirm and you do it anyway.
  8. Lairah

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    When i say T$, i was not necessarily referring to you, nor any of T$ more official statements, the formatting of which i absolutely love by the way. I was more speaking about the various comments by your Head of FA. Maybe this is just me, but, i don't find having an FA head who goes around angrily throwing salt at top 15 alliances, and calling them irrelevant, just as a starting off point, is a very good idea. Of course, i'm just a noob in low gov, you're a tenured leader, perhaps i miss something older eyes do not skim past.
  9. Lairah

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    It matters because New Panth and T$ have now not only posed insult and accusation to TCW, but even insult to TGH, and seem intent to keep prodding both. Furthermore, let the record show a single post in this drama filled scenario is more interesting than your entire life has ever been. We've seen train wrecks, but what we have here is an opportunity. Two trains, head on, big fireball, maybe one of them does a back flip through the air before smashing a residential area on landing. Make like the rest of the spectators, quite your tongue, and indulge in the refreshments set up for the show.
  10. Lairah

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    The legitimacy of the government is not in question? Have your eyes been recently checked, i fear they may be deceiving you. Allow me to aid your comprehension, many of the posts on this subject are either about how amusing it is, or, infact, questioning the legitimacy of the government, and indeed doing so with not inconsiderable weight. I fear if, with all the chatter on the OWF on this subject for many hours now, if you have not been able to detect such simple facts as points of discussion, such as if your government is considered illegitimate, i must say i do truly wonder if you are yet ready to take on the endeavor of rebuilding an alliance on the verge of death. Truly, i'd question if you're ready to perform a leadership capacity anywhere, let alone FA. I therefore also presume it has not occured to you for a single second that, with your government being considered illegitimate by quite a fair number of people, that perhaps, just maybe, the acts of taking the bank and destroying the discord, were seen as preventing the property from Pantheon from falling into what are perceived as unrighteous hands. You ought count yourself fortunate Felkey did not agree there, i don't think there are many in his position who would have returned it. I certainly would not have.
  11. Lairah

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    It's my understanding that Pantheon's government would typically vote on such a change. This leaves one of two possibilities. Fist either changed it himself, consulting no one, which is illegal, OR, Fist removed anyone who would be in opposition, replaced them with supporters, and then changed it. Neither of these is exactly what anyone would call legal.
  12. Lairah

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    You seem awfully salty, to be calling a top 15 alliance that recently fought in a global war and performed exceptionally well in it, 'irrelevant'. Are you, by chance, a former veteran of Nuke Bloc? That would explain alot here for me, it really would.
  13. Lairah

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    But not the one it deserves. Nobody is calling you (meaning The Syndicate as well) 'The bad guys', they're saying you happen to be supporting said bad guys.
  14. Lairah

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    Could both of you please take this ridiculous conversation no one but yourselves care about, elsewhere? There's a variety of places you can discuss without becoming Acolyte's to Who Me's forum derailment practices.
  15. Lairah

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    Consider for a moment, the perspective of the situation. The Pantheon government and normal members who left to TCW, they see what has occurred, with Fist taking power, as a coup, no? They do not see him as a legitimate leader, they seem him has as an unrighteous usurper. Given this perspective, you can't honestly call them traitors, without also calling Fist a traitor, not just for his actions in the past (which everyone will agree fits the label of a traitor) but for his actions now as well. Whom is a traitor is always about from where you look. From where i look, i see a coup, involving an unwanted government usurping the previously in place government, and that previous government, as well as active and aware members, righteously resisting them, in this case by action of taking the assets of the bank, as well as destroying the discord, both official property of pantheon, which they, the previous government and associated defecting members, view as not belonging to the unrightful usurpers. Of course we are biased, you and i. You are in government, specifically for FA of The Syndicate, who is assisting Fist, and i, lower government in AdMech, Protectorate of TKR, and thus, i am biased to not only TKR, but their allies, TCW. Regardless, it would seem many beyond Pantheon's gates are not particular fans of the government, new nor old, especially the new.

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