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  1. Yeah when dude asked me about things I wasn't prepared to actually read his journalism here lol Good on you for keeping the chain of information minimal. Was a good read man.
  2. Forums sure have been lit the last few days though
  3. In the time since we have landed, many have risen and even more have fallen. and then risen again. and then fallen. and then risen again. And in this time, our Network Administration has stood as they always do. For the freedom of expression and conceptualization. Having only created a single, official PR publication since our landing, we come to the OWF today to share our development: it is not with pride, nor with malice that we make this decree to exit Paradise Bloc and the relation to participating alliances. ANIMATION DOMINATION Exits The Obis Oasis, Paradise Bloc : Effective Immediately To all the individuals from Paradise, we wish you all the best experiences. Thanks for rocking with us for awhile! it is likely we would enjoy to do so again in the future. TL/DR MADMAX HAS DISBANDED THE BLOC AND/OR JUST SAID THAT TO GET US OUT OF THERE IDK FOR SURE BUT IM LEAVING THAT LINE OF SPECULATION OPEN BECAUSE I CAN lol
  4. i don't get it, but i like it.... Kids these days - i cont weed gud autocorrect these days - did you mean to say Tetracycline? Me looking at my phone - wtf when do i even ever use that word though?
  5. No sarcasm my dude, I'm not usually as active here in the forums but light of some recent events I've been finding myself wanting to come and check it out more often. I've spoken with some HUF folks personally and from what I can tell at least, they are respectable folk. And I love micros and "less" relevant people coming into the community and speaking out so this whole thing is a thumbs up from me man Keep up the good fight guys
  6. Ayy.... these guys are kind of cool tho lol
  7. I honestly find this whole thing more and more concerning as i try not to think about it lol I mean assuming that this could be potentially untrue, or that it wasnt directly stemmed from pnw raises a bunch of concerns on its own but none of which would create a cause for me to worry much about myself. with that said though, if theres any truth to this and it being stemmed from an individual amongst our community it brings great concern to me, i mean i dont consider myself a valued or integral part of this community but im here none the less, i play here as would any dedicated hobbyist does their hobbies. My wife plays this game, My little brother and one of my best friends were also invited to this game by me and as a father i have already considered trying to invite my oldest here when it comes to a more appropriate age lol (unless the wife says no because of all you scare porn addicts out there in discord land) So yeah, i mean if there's anything we can do to help prevent these things and even support creeds time of distress id love to engage in that. idk the legalities behind it all, but i would at least like to see the persons supposedly involved outed at least if that's at all possible. i would love to not feel like theres a major risk to ones personal life while i continue to invite my family and friends to play this game i spend waaay to much time giving attention to in the first place. Cant really see anyone ever being able to use any doxxed info against me personally lol mostly because im already deplorable enough lol ?
  8. DUDE WAIT, SOMEONE TRIED TO DOXX YOU? is that what thats called? .....
  9. lmao is that two coups in a row for sean??
  10. 0/ to the glory of Dumberia, shall your soldiers see the way of battle and thus, GLORY! I'm just playing into it lol
  11. nah dont do it, dont type those sheet links into your browser maaaaaaaaan autopilot mode engaged i did it... i had too
  12. Thats just a taste of the newest LP Galactic Mix produced by Bad Company Records!, Release date is still to be announced!!!
  13. */me Barks obnoxiously from a passing cars window*
  14. i laughed so hard to this lmao
  15. United Nations Space Command!!
  16. this is absolutely wonderfully crafted man i love it o/
  17. we dont even know who you are, or what relevance you hold in your own place in Orbis, Maybe one day your opinion might be able to leave someone with a better impression of yourself but i dont see that being likely. Thanks and have a nice day Also, the down votes seem to have inquired a response? so i suppose they do have an effect oh wow look at that....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gevva3s9WUY
  18. Hello Springfield, Kent Brockman here with a new story about how a small alliance lead by a player with an IQ comparable to a small, angry field mouse with a secret persona has begun to become a large and effective community within the world of Orbis. And now a word from the man himself (best Obama impression you ever heard) It is on this day, Myself…. and the Board of Directors… of Animation Domination, are most proud!!! to announce our appreciation toward our great protectors…. Presented to me, only few days ago, was the continued…. consideration….. of our great conglomerate, from The United Empire of Zah’Aharon… We are here today, to present to the world of Orbis… The evolution of this bond. Mutual Defense, Optional Aggression Pact Signed for Animation Domination The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
  19. diggin the lack of toxicity with this one here man.... good show guys
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