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  1. I had something similar happen just recently. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=510031 09/20/2019 12:01 am Imperator Daniel Storm of Altmoras ordered a naval attack upon the nation of Zamonia and eliminated 14 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. Imperator Daniel Storm's forces lost 6 ships, while Captain Bluebear's defenders lost 15 ships. The attack destroyed 45.40 infrastructure in the city of The Malmstrom. I made this attack when I had 4 MAPs, and I still have 4 MAPs after making it.
  2. At least ET declared some wars, shit or get off the pot friend.
  3. When did alyster start making memes that are actually funny? A surprise for sure but a welcome one.
  4. Yes I was clearly referring to raiding a zeroed inactive for loot as bad. Certainly wasn't wondering why you'd bother keeping enough score to get downdec'd, and then nuking the guys that did it for -4.5m net damage a hit. When all you really needed to do is run a single boat to do that same looting.
  5. Well the stats site tracks all gas and munitions spent. As well as the resource costs of destroyed units. So I think that's covered. This is the big one, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the difference between prewar productivity and the current rates. With how cheap units are the opportunity cost of giving up peacetime production to fight is likely the main cost of war. Well if we're going to complicate it that much then we should also take the NPV of their income from that infra had it not been destroyed at all and compare it to the cost of rebuilding. Even if you made back your initial infrastructure investment, by selling or having your infra burned in the war you've lost the potential future cash flows from it unless you take on the new cost of rebuilding and hoping you don't get hit before it pays off. Then again, this entire line of thought assumes that the only thing you value is money, and not the intangible glory of sacrificing blood to the blood god
  6. Well folks, we've passed the 1.5tn mark for damage. That's 45.7% more damage than Knightfall in 15 fewer days. I wonder if we'll be able to hit a clean 50% before it ends.
  7. Half of your active wars are negative net damage, so perhaps you should refine your strategy chief.
  8. It would be pretty silly to abandon a won war.
  9. This got me thinking about the economic impact of the war on alliances, so I broke down damage received onto a per member basis. Using the count of all the members the stats site has registered as being in the alliance and fighting during the war. And only for Alliances that have taken at least 10bn damage because frick the plebs. Unsurprisingly GOB is at the top and Arrgh is at the bottom. What interests me about this data is that some Alliances are bearing quite a large amount of cost relative to the average. You can also really see the effect of TFP being hit by both sides
  10. Soldiers are needed to play at being Arrgh-lite, like you guys have been for weeks now. And as their number grows linearly your pride grows exponentially as you can see in this example.
  11. Kastor figured it out, the war is taking so long to end because NPO wants it to continue and not because Coalition A have an exponentially larger amount of pride than military units.
  12. > Coalition A: Goes through BK's large yet unwieldy sphere like an axe through cheese in the initial blitz. > Also Coalition A: hoW CoULd yOu NOT SEe Bk-SPhEre as An IMMinEnt THReat
  13. Pop

    Nazi Flag

    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=173692 Leader Name: Tyler Brown Nature of Violation: Nazi Flag
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