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  1. So, if Arrgh raids a hundred score nation in Raiseik, CoS will counter that guy...... Cool...... Dies.......
  2. Using a T-Series video..... Orbis needs to unite against this threat to PewDiePie
  3. Says a shit micro that bans players from their Discord for showing them that they are shit.
  4. I give you one upvote Be happy and ask no more
  5. you guys forgot the original autist Panzer
  6. The real reason micros are dying is due to a sooper sekrit ritual being performed by TKR & Co.
  7. Sooooooooo......IQ basically broke one war into tree warlets so that they can get three wins. 500 IQ strat
  8. So, the merge was in UH. The flag is of UH 90% of the gov is UH And you have a Pantheon protectorate. Good Good. Real proud
  9. At this point, perma-war on TKR will be nice. Who even wants peace with them? Just keep hitting them for a year and even the famed "Core Group" will fade away.
  10. Wow 500M for the rebuild Cost me like 10 beiges to rebuild. And I did that 3 or 4 times this war. Come on Rose, hire someone to raid and plunder. Surely you can make way more than 500M by March 2nd
  11. Russians hacked the polls bois I call for new polls
  12. so uh ever thought of adding a link of the nations or the timeline to the pages
  13. Can you explain using color crayons pls? no white crayons though
  14. Empyrea follows in the footsteps and sends it's 96 hour notification to KT
  15. From my memory, Gorge has used Camelot for such trickery earlier. Camelot was asked by BK to hit Paradox Order, a protectorate of Argos. The motive was to use the protectorate treaty to drag in Argos into the conflict and have them annihilated. And when asked about the Pantheon prot of Argos, we were clearly told ,"Prots won't interfere in a war due to third-party obligations. If they do, tell me." And what you are doing now is clearly the opposite of it. *insert clap.gif here*
  16. It is A high school drama about a forsaken lover called Camelot who seeks vengeance over the girl called Shadow who left him for another boy called Empyrea And Shadow is not a [email protected]#$
  17. Soooooooo.........name change Knightfall---->Trillion Dollar War
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