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  1. Hello Readers, Blackstone Legion has progressed so far and done so much outlasting all the hateful and hard times. We started as a small alliance Knights of the Blood Oath after having trouble in paradise we revamped our Gov and our policies becoming Blackstone Legion. This was a great time for Us and I would like to thank all those who helped us along the way. Now both us and United Hoods have decided to start over as a group combining our forces doing a Alliance revamp Name change as well as a theme change. the vote tallies are in and we will be changing our name to “Knights Of Malta” We are excited to continue our growth together with me and Ayo leading. We hope to work with many people and build great connections Blackstone Legion and United Hoods will both be remembered as we move into this new era of our time in Politics and War Shout outs from BSL Thank you to Matt2004, Underlordgc and all those at UPN, thanks to Tom my best friend and leader of Rough Riders love you man no matter how much we fight at times and finally thank you to TaunTaun and Nightknight am sad to see Mafia disband as they were great friends and allies I wish the best to all the members who are still active and creating their own AA I wish the best to all and hope to make some great new friends —Apollyon
  2. Your are are most loved
  3. As Christmas draws to a close all of us at the Blackstone Legion hope that you had a great day and spent time with those you love. We hope to meet and talk with more alliances as we progress further in the game as a alliance and we hope to continue our friendships with our allies. To finish it off I would like to Thank UPN, without you guys we probably would have disbanded long ago. The Legion presses on ~Apollyon Paladin of BSL
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