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  1. So is it too late to donate to flags so that I can get the superstar award?
  2. Gee that's swell. Welcome to the big leagues. Nice to have you Pacifists.
  3. Bug still persists... I was upgrading from 1400 infra to 1500 infra. It should have costed me $1,237,936 as indicated by the 'Calculated Cost', but actually costed $1,375,485.
  4. This update was EXACTLY what I had in minds for the past couple months. Alex nailed it. THANK YOU. I had 2 ideas: 1) City Templates so we don't have to click millions of times to switch from econ mode to war mode 2) Cost feature that tells how much it will cost to switch a given city over to the update ...and Alex nailed them both. Kudos! This game has just had a HUGE step up in quality of life.
  5. I gotcha. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I just wanted to make this issue 'official' by putting here in the tech support forums for future consideration when designing verification methods. Hopefully a solution will present itself that provides the best of both worlds.
  6. I've tried IE 11, the latest version of Firefox, and Chrome. The verification module cannot load regardless of the browser used. A proxy is a very inconvenient option. Beijing is cracking down on proxies too now, and are getting very good at blocking them as well. There are only certain 'windows' of time during the day that a proxy works (very early in the morning China time). During the evening, proxies/VPNs are so slow they cannot even connect most of the time---including paid VPNs such as ExpressVPN. The bottom line is that proxies only provide the minimum needed to play the game, but at a huge inconvenience. If proxies/VPNs weren't available, then P&W wouldn't be playable at all, at least concerning trade/markets which I consider an essential component.
  7. This isn't necessarily a bug per say but a very huge inconvenience if one is living in China and trying to enjoy Politics & War: When I go to the market in-game to buy coal, and get 'randomly' selected to 'verify' my identify as a human, I get re-directed to the 'Unlock Trading Ability' verification page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/trade/unlock/ Okay fine. It's good to verify oneself as a human, but here is the problem: the verification active content thingy embedded in the webpage is from GOOGLE. Google and everything affiliated with Google is blocked in China: google.com google-analytics.com When I get to the verification page, the embedded verification object thing never loads. Ever. It can't, which means I'm not permitted to buy anything from the market until I complete the verification. Hence, every time I need to buy resources off the market, it's often a catastrophic inconvenience because I need to buy goods while they're cheap, between blockades during a war, or I'm reaching my minimum and need to top up before I run out and pay my steel mill workers overtime to do nothing. Can we just switch the verification object to something NOT Google affiliated? Thaaaaaaaaaaaat be great.
  8. I'm also experiencing my military buy back not resetting. Just noticed it today when game time crossed over from 11:59pm to 12am. It's now almost 4pm game time and my military buy back still hasn't reset.
  9. Culdee


    I have the same problem. On August 27th I had close to 250 uranium, but now I only have 176 uranium. Also have about half the gas I should have on August 27th. Sheepy isn't finished with the server transfer. Once he finishes that everything may get corrected.
  10. That leak was...insightful. Very insightful.
  11. I *hate* pages that unpredictably move around. I move my cursor with muscle memory when navigating around my nation's pages. When ads suddenly pop up and shift everything around, I end up clicking on stuff I didn't want to. It really pisses me off cause of the added step and wait of navigating back and trying again.
  12. Cheers for peace! There were none more anxious for it than myself. My cities having been reduced by 60% infrastructure, and easily $60 million in damage to my nation. A very costly, long, and damaging war indeed. I cannot speak for all of Guardian, but I assume it's fair to say we accept responsibility for our actions, and are thankful for the generous surrender terms you have offered us. I hope that Guardian and VE can have a brighter future. Why we didn't in the first place baffles me. Guardian and Prefontaine were a strong ally with the now non-existant alliance Ignis Imortales. If I recall correctly, Ignis Imortales merged into VE (or something along those lines), and so I would have thought our two alliances would have been friends from the start simply by that association. In any case, I look forward to a new beginning.
  13. I will echo my fellow alliance nation. I will point out that the POW headed by VE still has only a single member in it. We at Guardian upheld our unity, and came to the consensus that we should accept the offer of peace in exchange for reparations. Although generous, we will have none of those individual surrender terms.
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