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    A Dynamic™ Rose Announcement

    As we all know, ideals come and go as time moves on. The reign of RedArmy and his Communist principles had their time to shine, but as we see through history, every era had to retire for the next one to come forth. With the passing of RedArmy's rule, there came an ethereal being from the distance. The one who kept the wheels turning for Rose, for as long as time could tell. He heard the call for the next leader, and came to accept the challenge. This switch of leadership goes from a Communist leader to a DYNAMIC change from the man himself, Dynamic™ Just as his name suggests, there had been some DYNAMIC changes to his government lineup as well: Shogun - Dynamic Shikken - J A Goldington Daimyo of IA - Tifa Lockhart Daimyo of MA - DtC Justice Daimyo of FA - SamohT Daimyo of Econ - Mayor
  2. Master Friendzoner

    Rose-ROK Treaty Upgrade

    I’m super excited to be working with you guys on a closer level!
  3. Master Friendzoner

    Be the Change You Want to See in the World

    Wow total babes. Good luck to you guys! Can’t wait to see where you guys go!
  4. As Durmij steps down from his long reign as Shogun of Rose Many dreamed of the chance of leading Rose But only one could make it to the top But lo and behold, the commie of Rose climbed the treacherous mountain to become the Shogun of Rose Kind of ironic that the commie won during the same time as the Russian Revolution in 1917. Is this a sign? With a new leader comes a new cabinet to support his ideals, and they are: Shogun - Redarmy Shikken - Sketchy Daimyo of Finance - Blkandwhtlion Daimyo of Foreign Affairs - Rebecca Daimyo of Internal Affairs - Dynamic Daimyo of Military Affairs - DtC Justice And a final word from Durmij, Sketchy's love: no H . O . M . O .
  5. Master Friendzoner

    Due to Budget Concerns

    Thank you all for the kind words!! We enjoyed leading the alliance while we could!
  6. Master Friendzoner


    Damn Gina. I just came out here to have a good time
  7. Master Friendzoner


    Why does no one like my name? Is it a reminder that I just want to be friends??
  8. Master Friendzoner


    Is there a problem?? Maybe
  9. Master Friendzoner


    If Lordship, Hippo, Manatee, and Katie says so, then I will
  10. Master Friendzoner


    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I'm so excited!
  11. Master Friendzoner

    Total Drama Radio

    Fridays at 8:30 pm EST Hosted by I'm not a Girl and Lostmike The show covers real life and Politics & War related news Join the link to tune in! http://discord.gg/BncFpMp
  12. Master Friendzoner

    Total Drama Radio

    omg, you're the greatest. thank you!!
  13. Master Friendzoner

    Radiance and Relaxation

    Ayyyy glad to see you guys working together! Congrats!
  14. Master Friendzoner

    Orbis Who's Next? P&W Idol Edition

    I've never been more excited in my life! 😵💯💖🔥🎉
  15. Master Friendzoner

    I don't think this will be a surprise to anybody

    That was quick?
  16. Master Friendzoner

    Enter the Confessional

    Dude this sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to see what comes out of this!
  17. Master Friendzoner

    Not all Legends Have a Happy Ending

    good luck to both sides
  18. Master Friendzoner

    Total Drama Radio

    Thanks Zeebrus! Glad to hear that people like the show!
  19. Master Friendzoner

    A Vault 111 Announcement

    YIKESSSSSSSSSSS Seriously though, this must be super awkward for Catsby and a relief for the alliance.
  20. Master Friendzoner

    Bye Zodiac

    Good luck to you guys!
  21. Master Friendzoner

    What is P&W listening to?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5dNcKTcnPA Pretty much anything P!atD has made
  22. Master Friendzoner

    Total Drama Radio

    it would be a false answer, so it would be best if you only answered with correct answers.
  23. Master Friendzoner

    Total Drama Radio

    Yooooooo me too!
  24. Master Friendzoner

    Total Drama Radio

    Parties are still a thing man. And honestly, do you think I do deplorable things? Lol..

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