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  1. Jean Parisot

    Peace to the Seven Kingdoms

    Good fight everyone! I had fun even though I got wiped out from the get go, kudos to tS and others for not letting myself and others rebuild. Had quite a few fun opponents and may or may not have been proposed to as a result of this war so I guess it wasn't all bad! Hope everyone has a good rebuild.
  2. Jean Parisot

    To add to the chain of awful DoWs

    I better get another crack at Mr. Booty out of this, he still owes me a rap for the last war we fought <3 Welcome TLF I guess, still don't really understand why you chose to attack us considering your other options, but the more the merrier I suppose, have fun!
  3. Jean Parisot

    The Great Games of Westeros and Essos

    I hope we get some Valyrian Steel out of this, I could use something better than my chipped arming sword. Looking forward to working with you folks!
  4. Jean Parisot

    Lord Balian Support Thread

    Although I haven't had much contact with you, I always thought you chose a cool name. I hope everything goes as well as possible in surgery and that you have a speedy recovery so you can go on that vacation!
  5. Jean Parisot

    The Knights Radiant Declaration of War

    Best of luck KR! Enjoy the war!
  6. Jean Parisot

    Announcing Guardian of the Storm

    Congrats to both of you guys, best of luck going forward!
  7. Jean Parisot

    The Bootylicious Accords

    This is awesome, congratulations!
  8. Jean Parisot

    \m/ >_< \m/

    Oh snap! Welcome to P&W \m/!
  9. Jean Parisot

    A Cobalt Announcement

    Best of luck Betulius!
  10. Jean Parisot

    Nation Location Error

    Thanks Sheepy!
  11. Jean Parisot

    Nation Location Error

    Thanks for the info Rozalia. I don't mind changing to another location within Africa but that was my only location change so I'm kinda stuck for now lol
  12. Jean Parisot

    Nation Location Error

    What were you doing (or trying to do): I was attempting to change my nation location from Europe to Africa. What happened (describe thoroughly please): I had one location change to use so I used the interface and placed my nation near the present day city of present day Tunis, Tunisia within the continent of Africa. After hitting the "Change my location" button I observed my nation had indeed changed locations. My issues is that my nation is still on the European continent despite being clearly changing my location to Africa. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=4692 Thanks!
  13. Jean Parisot

    Announcement of Peace

    This is nice to see! I've had Lots of fun fighting you folks and been lucky and had lots of fun people to war with. Good luck rebuilding!
  14. Jean Parisot

    A Note on Guardian and The Seven Kingdoms

    Please pardon the interruption, however I wanted to make a small point about the OP. VE claims SK thinks it is the sole arbiter of what is and what is not good for PnW. VE then goes on to claim what is and what is not good for PnW and describes the code which apparently all of us follow. I didn't realize reps were the norm in PnW... I don't seem to recall any after the last few wars, or any wars for that matter, but perhaps my memory is failing me (as it does from time to time). You may now go back to your regularly scheduled mud-slinging cheers!
  15. Jean Parisot

    Nuke Beige Counter

    Thanks Sheepy!

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