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  1. @Kastor im iron pls bring me up to gold
  2. @AlexSo bypassing trade restrictions are allowed? Because that is the standard u set with Blink and the other dude
  3. still was he not associated with a cheater? A cheater in which he bypassed the game mechanics with someone else sending aid and ON SAME IP
  4. Quick ideas off my mind: so as long as your associated with a known cheater you should be banned. Yet u reversed ur policy on that for @blink. U ignored slot filling, but come after this? Nice impartialness.
  5. @Yang_Cheng i spent 200 mil for 4k land in my old 19 cities account
  6. Or you know horizon bank is an option. Shiz, y'all be mad over 15 mil. horizon gave me like 200 mil no questions asked. Seek dont ask me why I borrowed that, cuz you will actually beat me
  7. put a 300 mil bounty on me i dare u
  8. Can you not literally? You are posting useless *d7s and you wonder why major alliances feel as though you are annoying as hell. Only reason why we tolerate your literal garbage postings of uselessness is because Alex is allowing it since it somewhat resembles the subforum. Now this? This is literally nowhere close to the subforum. Like holy hell are you annoying with your useless posting, I don't post often but this has me irritated.
  9. You say we are bring something resembling news, but the errors though. :0
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