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  1. Sketchy

    SNN: Tangerine

    Well it would be your idea so you'd do it and I'd just give you moral support.
  2. Sketchy

    SNN: Tangerine

    BK can complain about secret treaties when they stop shamelessly consolidating power. Unfortunately these days people don't push back on consolidation because its becoming more acceptable thanks to alliances like you. That being said TKR if you have secret treaties again ima stick my foot up your ass.
  3. Lmfao signing the people responsible for most recently having your other ally rolled. Classy. I'm sure this will end well.
  4. @Alex if you are going to do this, can you at least give each person 2 seperate api keys, one for public apis (war, alliances/nations etc) and one for private apis (alliance members, bank)? I can't grant edit access to my sheets to anyone now because they'll just be able to open up the script editor and look directly at my api key, then use it to pull whatever private alliance api data they like.
  5. Sketchy

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    No shit, I was asking him what it had to do with the topic at hand. Since the two situations aren't comparable, by his own admission. I regret my sarcasm, I sometimes forget people aren't the best at understanding it. Perhaps they should pay more attention. f The topic at hand is about Pantheons coup and the subsequent undoing of the coup. Not sure what "Sheepy showing a bit of transparency" has to do with the subject at hand or the specific debate surrounding this issue. But I apologize, in the future I'll be sure not to say anything if Sheepy happens to delete the war system but then generously shares footage of his toilet habits for the purposes of transparency.
  6. Sketchy

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    So.... going into VM is cheating now? Not sure how the two situations are comparable.
  7. Sketchy

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Being in VM isn't the same as no leadership. You used the moderation of the game to undo a coup. Its not "the rules" and if it is, it shouldn't be. Sheepy should not interfere in politics.
  8. Sketchy

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Lol that wasn't long. Seriously want to hear the reason why it was fine to intervene in game politics this time.
  9. Sketchy

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    Polaris government would have to login in order to let the Hobos in.
  10. Sketchy

    If you could...

    The reason 20 members upon founding an alliance is more valuable than 10 with more cities is that most alliances will suffer early losses of some of those members. Although I specifically meant 20 members with established nations, not people recruited outside of the game. If you only have 10 members, losing 1 member is a bigger hit to your initial success than it would be if you were to have 20. Once you consider the fact that a founding government usually is made up of 5-7 people, that means the difference between 3-5 regular members and 13-15 regular members. Alliances rarely thrive when the bulk of their membership IS the government itself. 20 is a minimum, in reality you want as many people as you can when you start.
  11. Sketchy

    If you could...

    I've seen it happen quite a few times. The reason it doesn't happen as often as it should is people either lack the ability to attract people or lack the patience. To clarify, I mean 20 people (existing players not recruits) in the first few weeks, not upon founding, usually people will wait to see how many other people join a new AA and who they are before they take the leap themselves. The issue a lot of the time is these leaders of smaller aas coming up have either hopped around from alliance to alliance, not planting any long term connections, or not escaped their clique bubble of people. If all your friends are only friends with each other then its going to be difficult for you to recruit people who can recruit people themselves. Relying on a single individual such as the leader to bring in all the starting membership is a great way to fail. I suppose the other path to success would be for all these people who are looking to get people together to found an alliance, to merge their individual efforts into a single effort for an alliance. If 3-4 would be leaders combined together to make a single aa that would increase their chances. Unfortunately people rarely agree on fundamental directions for alliances and everyone wants to be king so that almost never happens.
  12. Sketchy

    If you could...

    They harm it. Micros suck potentially good people into their vortex of incompetence and then spit them back out dead from getting rolled by pirates or with completely inaccurate views of how the game is played, which they then transfer around with them until someone corrects them, which often never happens, and they teach a whole bunch of other people dumb shit too. As a result they lower retention rates for players in the game and spread stupidity around making the entire player base more incompetent, which has a snowball effect. Add to that the fact they have a 0% chance of success from the very beginning. You only have to look at the history of the game to see that basically no micro alliance has ever achieved success past the first wave of alliances that got their start when the game began and everyone was on an even playing field of ignorance. The path to success for new alliances is people joining an established alliance, growing their nations, making friends and connections, learning how to play, moving into a low or high gov position, learning how to govern, then breaking out on their own, splintering from their original alliance, taking a decent sized group of friends with them. If you can't get at least 20 people in your new splinter alliance, you should just be more patient and work harder to get more people rather than going ahead and making it. Way too many leaders of these small/medium sized alliances are just decision makers who rely on the expertise of others to prop up their existence since they were too impatient to learn the mechanics or methods to run even a single department in an alliance. Every leader worth their salt should have at the very least a solid grasp on FA, as well as recent FA history, and know the basics of running each department so they can advise the people in charge of them and ensure they haven't appointed an idiot. Its a bit hard to know if your econ or milcom guy is a moron who has no idea what hes doing, if you yourself have no idea what your doing.
  13. Sketchy

    Racism on Orbis

    You heard it here first guys, apparently Polaris is now a gender identity. Thrax going for gold in the mental gymnastics Olympics I see.
  14. Sketchy

    Racism on Orbis

    I 100% agree with everything Kastor said. On the note of moderators removing offensive imagery, I'd like to also propose the moderators compel Kastor to change his profile picture to someone other than Drake. I find this imagery offensive as someone who enjoys good music.
  15. Sketchy

    'Empire' feature in wars

    You already tend to lose a tonne of infrastructure (which reduces your income) and a tonne of resources after losing a war. Whats the point?

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