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  1. About a year ago an epileptic member of Fark tried to talk to admin about all the strobing shit people were spamming on nation pages. Admins response was to send him a strobing gif. Now the nazis want to use it as a way to go after GOONS, so Alex jumps right the hell on it. frick you, shitbag.

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    2. Sir Scarfalot

      Sir Scarfalot

      So you're just gonna get upset and rage out even when the admin does do what you want?

      You really gotta learn to be something beyond 'childish' if you want anyone to take you seriously at any point.

    3. kosmokenny


      Im gonna rage that he did nothing at all to help my epileptic member that was chased out of the game but he bends over backwards the second nazis ask something of him

    4. Changeup


      I'm accepting bets for how many time Kosmokenny uses the word "nazi" in this thread. O/U: 4. 

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