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  1. I have Chrome notifications enabled on my phone for quick response to in game messages and war declarations. I simultaneously received a notification and an email, both indicating that I had received an in game message from nation I previously blocked for spam. I can't actually view the new message because the sender is blocked. Can the emails and notifications check against the block list before alerting a user?
  2. The lines should be more elastic. I want chaos when I drag an alliance with several connections far away and let go.
  3. I can dig that. I felt bad for anyone who thought they were netting a profit selling at 6 mil just before update.
  4. There are no credit sell offers on the market right now. Did you at least delete all of the credit offers before changing the price, or did some people just get absolutely screwed?
  5. Does the casualty penalty the opponent takes stack when multiple Fortifies are used? edit: nvm was answered above. He said in another thread that you remain "fortified" and the opponent receives the 10% penalty until you launch an attack against them. So if you never attack, the penalty remains.
  6. I can't say I'm surprised. They were not my favorite treaty partners way back when. Of course they would launch an offensive with no CB just before Sheepy is supposed to freeze all war declarations. If anyone intends to get in on this ridiculousness, they better do so soon, before Sheepy locks it all down. Why announce an approximate time when you planned to freeze war decs anyway? Of course it would exploited, ya dummy.
  7. How long will "fortify" protection last? Will there be any changes to bank looting?
  8. Your PPU updater is very nice. So simple, yet it never occurred to me to automate the one part of the trading process I'm most likely to screw up. Thank you!
  9. Why force votes in every category? I've never been contacted by a recruiter in any of those alliances, I couldn't name a single propo that I actually noticed, and I rarely venture far from my alliance's own forums (because they're so siiick!) Don't force me to make uninformed votes!
  10. Updated with fresh links to our shiny, new IPB 4 forum. It's pretty slick. you should check it out. And register. And apply to join us! http://7kingdoms.net/pw/
  11. I had 2 wars that were ended by nukes from the losing side. Was that intentional? Should a nuke zero out an opponents resistance? What would stop a nation from using exclusively nukes to ward off attackers? With the reduced ground attack loot, one could suffer minimal loses if they had zero military and a nuke stockpile. I think it could be a nifty system when fully fleshed out, but I'm not sure how well a change on this scale to the war system would be received if implemented in the main game. I do like the visual it adds to wars. It would be cool to see resistance levels next to each war when viewing a nation's or alliance's war activity page. It might be time for a Test Server subforum.
  12. Gravedigging this ancient suggestion because it needs to happen. Every alliance that wants to be relevant has a Discord channel now.
  13. This war shows an imbalance in the combat system. Tanks and soldiers can be targeted by other ground forces and planes, ships can be targeted by ships and planes, but only planes can target other planes. Kudos to tS for successfully exploiting it, but looking ahead, I think that planes need to be made a bit more vulnerable. Maybe ships could target planes? Or missiles could be used to target specific military improvement types? Many have ditched missiles for better projects, so that would make them more valuable. Ideally, a well-rounded military should be the most effective in a war. Each unit should have weaknesses that are covered by other unit types.
  14. I don't hate this idea, but I'd prefer if it were limited to Officers+
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