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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4FIcdskpac
  2. Man I miss the legends all of them and spelled Jacob's last name wrong its Hanson
  3. 1. Fasolt 2. Mayor 3. Jacob 4. Stormrideron 5. InsertNameHere The first 4 if they were at their prime
  4. I didn't know that was a role
  5. I guess history loves to rhyme, it sure does
  6. A long awaited post from me, let me clear up some up things. First of all, I didn't agree to this coup because I knew it wasn't the right to do. This isn't the VE way of changing government and I don't think the government would approve such action without reading the charter. I didn't have an immediate response when this so called "coup" happened and wasn't aware of it. Also, I don't believe any of our gov members were informed about this and neither was I. The problem was that seeker was being accused of being overstepping and Olorin thought it was too much and said that the necessary actions needs to happen. I was going talk to seeker about this to clear things up with the mess that Olorin had been causing through a voice chat, later today but this happened. The reason I posted late was that I had school and I was woken up by a floundering number of messages this morning and I couldn't get to some responses till later today. But when did finally get to all these messages, I know i had to do something so I demoted Olorin to member and believed it was the right thing for VE. I didn't know admin interference would strike again VE is alive!
  7. o/ t$ o/ VE It's about damn time! Looking forward to working with you guys!
  8. o/ CKD o/ VE Love the video tho! Probably the best I seen all day
  9. Today is the beginning of a new change in Viridian Entente. Lo and behold. this marks the first day I announce myself as the Triumvir of State. Moonpie who was the predecessor before me and has decided to step down. I wish Moonpie the best and all the efforts that he has done for VE. Drinks are on me Feel free drop me a pm This is our current government below Triumvirate Keza Purple, Triumvir of State (FA) SeekerSeeks, Triumvir of Defense (MA) Yoda, Triumvir of the Interior (IA/EA) Dominus Emeritus MoonPie Directorate CJonathan, Director of Economics (EA) Codonian, Director of Defense (MA) Assistant Directors Celzar, Assistant Director of the Interior (IA) Leigh Gotch, Assistant Director of Defense (MA) Minister of Information: Blkandwhtlion Minister of Awesome: Grosskev & Francis Underwood Long Live Viridia!
  10. The Land of Confusion and the Viridian Entente (herein referred to as “the signatoriesâ€) recognize each other as sovereign entities. In the interest of friendship and guidance, the signatories enter this protectorate agreement. Article I - Aid and Intelligence: The signatories agree to aid each other financially as they see fit, though both signatories understand that although it is encouraged, this is entirely optional. The signatories also commit to coordinate and share intelligence for the safety and well being of both alliances. Article II - Protection: An attack on the Viridian Entente constitutes as an attack on the Land of Confusion. The Viridian Entente fully commits itself to defend its protectorate through means including but not limited to: military, financial, and diplomatic aid. In the case that the Viridian Entente is attacked, the Land of Confusion is encouraged, but not obligated, to come to the Viridian Entente's defense. Article III- Aggression should the need for either signatory to declare a war of aggression arise, it is encouraged for the other signatory to support them in their venture. However, both signatories recognize that this is not an obligation. Article IV - Cancellation This treaty may be cancelled by either signatory following a 72 hour notice period, given through private channels Signed for Land of Confusion Blusalomi - Head Shepherd Grealind - Deputy Head Shepherd, Chief of American Time Zones Robert Ap Ioan - Chief Psychopath, Chief of European Time Zones Neopolitan - Psychopath of the Axe (War) Signed for VE Moonpie, Triumvir of State (FA), SeekerSeeks, Triumvir of Defense (MA) Yoda, Triumvir of the Interior (IA/EA)
  11. His Medicaid check is coming early from... the US tTO
  12. I like your profile pic but not sure about your alliance
  13. Yes he does, he missed a lot of batshit crazy stuff that had happened.
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