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  1. I like your profile pic but not sure about your alliance
  2. Yes he does, he missed a lot of batshit crazy stuff that had happened.
  3. getting rolled with kastor, best times ever
  4. mmhhmmmm here's another one
  5. wut wut /me looks for Yui
  6. Frenemies that's normal tho people do that all the time.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kebwTsRZ7bs I like it and stuck in my head
  8. Nah its not illegal. We exercise the right for the freedom of the seas!
  9. HD res then there's a deal
  10. Get yourself one or we all fight for one
  11. I didn't know eLawyering was a thing till I first heard it now
  12. Too much treaties= less wars too much agreements= everybody gets along so so so well totally There should be contracts instead We should go back in time and let everyone fight each other
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