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  1. Excuse me, it's 20k. Also, I'd like to clarify - while we might have declared war on NPO, it seems like they're really the ones declaring on us. Good fun nonetheless, we'll try to keep to it. (Plus, considering what happened the last time we got on the first page of the alliance leaderboard, it seems appropriate to bring ourselves off of it as a safety measure )
  2. Yeah, so actually I'm a pretty big fan of history. I do know this stuff, but chose to snipe at VDS because of the "No one ever took over the world by following the status quo," which, while obviously not true for 99% of German history, is within the realm of acceptability true for WWII. WWI, on the other hand, was definitely a alliance-filled shithole of nations going to war, which was at least in part attributable to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia for the actions of the Black Hand, which was not a German nation. Though I certainly understand the origins of the reaction, I think
  3. I can think of two instances where the Germans didn't follow the status-quo, and tried to take over the world. ... Neither ended particularly well, especially for Jews in the second attempt.
  4. Something tells me that wouldn't go over well
  5. Over our arch-rivals, our truest enemies, pretty much the exact opposite of what we stand for, Terminus Est. Now you might be asking: "Wait, what?" or saying: "That doesn't make sense." You're right to think that way, at least at first. You see, as the resident archivist at TFP, it's my job to make sure all of our documentation is order, for history and the like. And making sure people aren't committing tax fraud. And while I was making sure that no one was paying any taxes, I discovered something truly harrowing. TEst had declar
  6. I regret selling so much food before the nuke bloc Now I have no food and less money than I could have if I sold food now
  7. Sea


    It's only 170 right now but I guess you're at least slightly right, Apeman. Seriously though, how the hell am I supposed to grow food?
  8. It's a good flag, and though we got utterly wrecked, it was a good war against TEst.
  9. So the folks who lead TFP and I were going about our day, and noticed something. Also, we never officially declared existence. Therefore, I announce, along with the rest of TFP leadership, the declaration of existence for The Fighting Pacifists. Once upon a time we were a paperless neutral alliance, and were a strong and relevant one at that. During the Silent War we actually reached the top 10 of all alliances. Not quite the case anymore, but we still stand by most of the same principles we held then as we do now. We defend our own, etc. etc., we are all a
  10. TFP attempted a blitz? I was not aware of this. Maybe that's why it was so bad?
  11. Sea

    Sexy poll

    Voted for sexy pirates because sexy pacifists aren't an option.
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