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  1. Excuse me, it's 20k. Also, I'd like to clarify - while we might have declared war on NPO, it seems like they're really the ones declaring on us. Good fun nonetheless, we'll try to keep to it. (Plus, considering what happened the last time we got on the first page of the alliance leaderboard, it seems appropriate to bring ourselves off of it as a safety measure )
  2. Yeah, so actually I'm a pretty big fan of history. I do know this stuff, but chose to snipe at VDS because of the "No one ever took over the world by following the status quo," which, while obviously not true for 99% of German history, is within the realm of acceptability true for WWII. WWI, on the other hand, was definitely a alliance-filled shithole of nations going to war, which was at least in part attributable to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia for the actions of the Black Hand, which was not a German nation. Though I certainly understand the origins of the reaction, I think it was an overreaction, though appreciate that you encourage me to further edumacate myself on the matter, but I'm quite content shitposting rather than being factually accurate. (Though yeah, the Treaty of Versailles was a not great thing and definitely precipitated World War 2: electric boogaloo) But WWII Germany definitely was evil.
  3. I can think of two instances where the Germans didn't follow the status-quo, and tried to take over the world. ... Neither ended particularly well, especially for Jews in the second attempt.
  4. Something tells me that wouldn't go over well
  5. Over our arch-rivals, our truest enemies, pretty much the exact opposite of what we stand for, Terminus Est. Now you might be asking: "Wait, what?" or saying: "That doesn't make sense." You're right to think that way, at least at first. You see, as the resident archivist at TFP, it's my job to make sure all of our documentation is order, for history and the like. And making sure people aren't committing tax fraud. And while I was making sure that no one was paying any taxes, I discovered something truly harrowing. TEst had declared war on us. And occupied us. Which was scary in its own right, considering I was in the alliance at the time and the occupation caused our old Facilitator to quit. (rip cromwell/morty) But. The truly, truly terrifying part? The dates didn't add up. The only post on November 11? Bank Robbery. On November 1? Avansies. Avansies. Micros, and Micro peaces. Coincidence? I think not. Bank Robbery is stealing. If you steal from a micro, it's like stealing from a baby. TEst broke apart into three alliances. Western Union, Cobra Kai Dojo, and Knights Templar. Baby cobras have full strength venom, and Catholics baptize their children as soon as possible, often with a month after birth. Western Union is based off of Nigeria, which has one of the highest population growth rates of the world. They make babies. Do you see what I'm getting at yet? Neither do I. But considering these ever-spawning catholic cobra babies, there's a clear threat going on. One that will take down all of Orbis when all of these venom monk children become adolescents. Angst. They'll get angsty and take it out on their parents. But they only have on parent, and it's not Alex. (We all know he's disowned all of us anyway) It's TEst. Now like a month ago or so (I wasn't paying attention) there was Terminus Jest. Jest. Jest is defined as "a thing said or done for amusement; a joke." They were making fun of Terminus Est. And Terminus Est died because of it. That's why TFP has won, since TEst is gone. But wait. TFP fought TEst literally, which we all know ended poorly for TFP. It was mockery that killed TEst in the end. They say mockery is the sincerest form of flattery. Flattery. Flatulence. It smells bad. You know what also smells bad? The breath of people who don't brush their teeth. That's because their teeth get covered in plaque and bacteria and all sorts of nasty germs. Germs that could carry the plague. But do you know what they made toothbrushes out of? Horsehair. That's the real issue in all of this. Horses. All content is hereby signed and only backed up by TFP adviser Sea. This message does not represent the views of the entirety of The Fighting Pacifists alliance, nor a plurality of it. Take with a grain of salt, as always, and remember to fact check what you see online, as some statements might be factual while others might be blatant lies. Ask and you shall receive. Also, we formally declare war on Horsemen, if it wasn't clear enough.
  6. I regret selling so much food before the nuke bloc Now I have no food and less money than I could have if I sold food now
  7. Sea


    It's only 170 right now but I guess you're at least slightly right, Apeman. Seriously though, how the hell am I supposed to grow food?
  8. It's a good flag, and though we got utterly wrecked, it was a good war against TEst.
  9. So the folks who lead TFP and I were going about our day, and noticed something. Also, we never officially declared existence. Therefore, I announce, along with the rest of TFP leadership, the declaration of existence for The Fighting Pacifists. Once upon a time we were a paperless neutral alliance, and were a strong and relevant one at that. During the Silent War we actually reached the top 10 of all alliances. Not quite the case anymore, but we still stand by most of the same principles we held then as we do now. We defend our own, etc. etc., we are all at heart peaceful and don't necessarily want to fight, but we will if we have to. Nobody has been or is allowed to raid. We don't have taxes, either. However, we have abandoned the paperless bit. We still try and maintain neutrality, but I'll get to that later. We currently have a few protective treaties: MDP with Guardian ODP with Rose ODP with Ragnarok And also an NAP with LoDN. Our current government consists of: Facilitator: Quichwe10 Asst. Facilitators: Johan, Hanz Shao Ping Advisers: Zangi, Sea (That's me!) We'd also like to announce that we're currently the number #1 white alliance in the game. So yeah. We exist.
  10. Woo we did the thing
  11. TFP attempted a blitz? I was not aware of this. Maybe that's why it was so bad?
  12. Sea

    Sexy poll

    Voted for sexy pirates because sexy pacifists aren't an option.
  13. Well, I guess it's time to declare PEEEAAACE! Good fight, IQ and co. I feel that TFP has learned a lot from all this, and so 'sall good. <3 to all you who decided to declare on me.
  14. Oh, and Viridian Entente, you're a bit wrong on some things on your alliance description...
  15. Nah. Plus at least in the case of my alliance, we unanimously agreed to stick with it.
  16. You're too kind, but we all know that size matters
  17. From: Kastor Date: 05/05/2017 Friday 11:31 pm Hello There, If you are receiving this, you are embroiled in the harshest fighting this world has ever seen. Both sides have done massive blows to each-other, and our coalition believes it is time for this to end. It is true we offered white peace in hopes to end the war, it is also true that your leaders refused to accept this. They claim that by us offering white peace (a peace that is inherently without terms or a victor or loser) it is a sign of us winning. In that case, we've already told them we are willing to end the fighting on those terms, as our own offer indicates. As far as we're concerned, it doesn't matter who makes the offer--we simply see no need to prolong a stalemate that has hundreds of people caught in the middle through no fault of their own. We see the stale-mate that this war is, and simply seek to end it after a month of hard fighting. There are also rumors that we are running low on resources. This is again false. We have the ability to continue continue fighting for months using our current stockpiles, but we have no desire to do so. Not wanting to be constantly attacked for months does not make you a "pixel hugger" or "coward". it just means that you'd like to go back to building your nation and repairing the damage caused by a needlessly prolonged war. It is with this goal in mind we announce the Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ. You may come into this alliance and all your wars will end. There will be 0/0 taxes, so all your money can be spent on rebuilding and we will protect you from raiders free of charge in recognition of that fact that you, like us, desire this war to end. The only two conditions are that you maintain no military and agree to remain in the DMZ until hostilities cease, at which point you're free to return to your old AA or join a new one. This is not a betrayal, just a place where people who are tired of fighting can rebuild without fear of attack while they wait for your leaders to agree to end the war. Your may join here:https://politicsandwar.com//alliance/id=4197 May peace come soon. Gotta love that it's all the same message, even if it's different people sending it. Responded with the fact that this war really isn't that bad relative to others and that the DMZ surrender camp seems like easy pickings for any raider with half a brain. Also that its one member seems to violate the "no military" rule.
  18. Nah, it's all good. TFP isn't quite a "big" player in this conflict by any stretch of the imagination.
  19. tfw TFP is left out of all the fun graphs We're fighting Lord aa ron the most at a quick glance too. :c
  20. You and your ~300 infra per city. Anyone who tries to rise in Lord-aa-ron gets beat down by a rather untouched top tier. Sure, the alliances are hurting, but you can't deny that you're hurting too, and 1-2 rounds aren't going to change that, nor will a whole other month's worth.
  21. Recently passed halfway to 1000, I'm at 523 Edit: Forgot a 0 in 1000
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