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  1. Yes, as a former BK member of several years I will admit that just like anyone/everyone else BK does have it's good and bad moments. Overall though, BK has truly good people that I was able to bond and create solid friendships with, and all have personally cared about my well being IRL as well.
  2. You are aware that BK Sphere & N$O are comprised of alliances that fought each other last global too right? Hardly 'still IQ'. In fact if I do recall, some of us fought on your side against them. But please, continue with your 'IQ still exists' gymnastics.
  3. Yeah, about as real as yours too
  4. Crimes....lol in which country? This is a game we're talking about, nothing to do with commission of crimes which is a completely different thing.
  5. Yes, that too. In which still supports my case.
  6. Well, you shouldn't refuse to believe it since according to your own heroic social justice warrior sphere I'm autistic. In which case if I am, then sure. But if I'm not, then sure. I will allow you to speculate and draw your own ideas and conclusions rather than telling you as you wouldn't believe no matter what.
  7. I'm sorry, but just please reread what you just said. Let's go through a couple of highlights though: Exhibit A - 1 whale versus 10 from the mid tier horde is going down no question. - It's only possible to have 3 people attacking you at any given time. So let's say, since BK for the most part is mostly tiered around city 18 currently. A lot of your members are tiered around 26 cities. So we have 3 nations of 18 cities each vs 1 nation of 26 cities. The 3 nations of 18 cities can each have a maximum of 90 hangars, while the 26 city nation can have a maximum of 130 hangars. Each hangar can house a maximum of 18 planes, and rebuild up to 3 aircraft per day. So the 3 nations of 18 cities each can have a maximum of 1,620 aircraft and a recruitment rate of 270 per day, while the 26 city nation can have a maximum of 2,340 aircraft and a recruitment rate of 390 per day. The 3 nations of 18 cities, we'll call them A, B, and C are all fighting a 26 city nation we'll call D. A suicides his 1,620 planes into D's 2,340. A will be looking at losing about 300 of his planes, while only taking out about 200 of D's planes. A rebuilds 270 planes and reaches his daily limit. A is still down 30 planes and now sits with 1,590. D rebuilds 200 planes and still has not reached his daily limit. D still has 2,340 planes and can still replenish 190 more. B suicides his 1,620 planes into D's 2,340. B will be looking at the same results as A, losing about 300 of his planes while only taking out about 200 of D's planes. B rebuilds 270 planes and reaches his daily limit. B is still down 30 planes and now sits with 1,590. D rebuilds 190 planes and reaches his daily limit. D is only down 10 planes and now sits with 2,330, despite a 2 to 1 attacker advantage, just because of his individual city count status that gives him the upper hand. C then suicides his 1,620 planes into D's 2,330. The results will still be about the same as A and B. C loses about 300 planes. D loses about 200. C rebuilds 270 planes and is still down 30 planes. A, B, and C all remain at 1,590 planes. D remains at about 2,130 planes. It's a no win situation for A, B, and C, unless D is incompetent and goes on the offensive where he begins losing enough planes in his counter airstrikes for either A, B, or C to finally outnumber him. Or D can wait until tomorrow and get back to full planes and then let A, B, and C suicide again with the same exact results. No win even with a 3:1 nation advantage.
  8. Lmao, so if I write in our coalition channel that I am planning to ask TKR to roll SK, will you hit them for it? Because you're not understanding that I would most likely confront the rumored attacker about it, at which point if they denied their involvement, I'd sit back and watch things fold out. I'd have no reason to hit anyone if their involvement was false.
  9. Read my response to Zoot.
  10. I'm not saying anything. I don't know what plan was being put together if any, I am just going by the things presented here in this thread and playing devil's advocate.
  11. Yeah I thought you'd say this, but this doesn't make any sense because neither Chaos nor KETOG could be classified as mini spheres as they were each outnumbering both N$O and BK spheres in the whale tiers and city counts, thus having a very large advantage in plane counts on an individual basis. P.S. Also, when you say KERCHOG is outnumbered something like 2:1 in city count, that's characterizing this situation quite incorrectly because on an individual nation to nation basis KERCHOG outnumbers BK something like 4:1 in city count, individually holding the advantage when it comes to military unit sizes. The only way we'd have a fighting chance is if we're on the blitzing end to make our 2:1 ratio even work.
  12. Alright, let me try one last time to put this in very simple terms, which will hopefully make it easier to understand. Consider the following situation: You say that you are going to gather a coalition to attack alliance A. Who is the threat to alliance A? You. Now let us expand that to the following: You say that you are going to gather a coalition to attack alliance A. As part of that plan, you say you're in talks with alliance C to attack alliance B to keep them from being a threat to you. You don't have any confirmation on whether alliance C is on board or not. Who is the threat to alliance A in this scenario? Still you. Who is the threat to alliance B in this scenario? Not you, but alliance C possibly if the plan is true and if alliance C is on board. Now let us transfer it to the current situation: We say, in the leaks, that we were going to attack Chaos. As part of that coalition/plan, we are in talks with NPO to hit KETOG to keep them from being a threat to us. We didn't have any confirmation on whether NPO was on board or not, but the log claims we had already talked with them or were in talks with them - beyond the planning to ask them. Who is the threat to Chaos in this scenario? US. Who is the threat to KETOG in this scenario? NOT US. POSSIBLY NPO IF THEY ARE/WERE ON BOARD. You can keep trying to twist it any way you want, the facts remain EMC always remained even under the disguise of a mini-sphere smokescreen.
  13. Both. Because from Inst's perspective, Zoot never walked away and is still waiting in the shadows for the opportunity to strike him. It would be more wise of Inst to expect Zoot's attack and prepare for it either by 1) staying away from both Element and Micchan, or 2) attacking both Zoot to ensure Zoot can't act on that plan, and then later dealing with Micchan for planning it out, remembering that Micchan wasn't going to go after Inst but instead Zoot would be if the original plan were true and therefore Micchan posed no threat to Inst. Zoot did, at least from the shoes of Inst.
  14. Stop trying to twist things into what they are not. Rose is hiding behind the false social justice warrior hero face when in reality they're still together united with Chaos and KETOG. Get your head out of your ass first, please.
  15. You acted prior to N$O telling you anything about them not engaging in these plans. Read my response to Zoot and save me from having to repeat. Also, leave NPO the hell alone. Mini spheres are allowed to build coalitions to defeat smaller enemies that have done them wrong and still remain united behind the disguise of mini-spheres (i.e. BK/TCW + tS/NPO vs the world) that are destabilizing the game. It's almost like this game has politics for a reason or something. And they have great political grudges to act upon.
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