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  1. imagine snitching cuz of someones baseball theme name
  2. 'Tell me fashie' hahahaha hope you're being ironic here dude cause if not you that's just sad, im sorry to break it you but ur not some anime super hero/villain/whatever ur fantasy is. Hope you don't act like this in the real world and if you do i would advise you stop cause believe it or not people don't find it impressive when u act like a rick and morty fan with your high iq insults, just grow some balls quit acting like a birch
  3. where in any of this have i asked for an example of anything????
  4. personally never heard about golden dawn or reichspakt, and i am unaware of the 'fascist undertones' in especially Morningstar or any other alliances u mentioned, however there is a clear difference to me between having the acclaimed 'fascist undertones' and literally calling urself communist/soviet/whatever in the actual name? we are talking about communism, especially the soviet one, and how glorifying is worse than glorifying the bad germans, is it really so hard to understand?
  5. if you ever read any book relating to the ideology you claim to associate with, you in fact would know that in order to create this ideal stateless society u would know that firstly you need to create a totalitarian regime and progress from there, and if you ever read the writings of youtr glorious leader stalin then you would know that he was heavily inspired by marx. also i dont even know who u are 1 drop in the red sea, there are rules against national socialist alliances but there seems to he a lack of when it comes to communist, at least to soviet alliances, when in reality the soviets are statistically, factually scientifically worse than the bad germans once again, i dont even know who u r, please remind me, also why are you cyber stalking people its kinda weird bro and why do you act like i give a shit what my alliance members political ideologies are, we had commies in the alliance as well who cares also, its not my alliance i didnt make the theme.
  6. haters? you mean in your eyes it would be ok to create alliances with name that of other genocidal dictarors such as for example 'national socialist nations' (referring obviously to the austrian painter) or is it only ok to do so when the genocidal dictator in question did it so because it was inspired by a book u like?
  7. I agree, not only is communism extremely dangerous but also the word 'Soviet' most commonly refers to a nation who's most famous ruler was a genocidal psychopath who killed specifically those who were Jewish, Polish, basically anyone who wasn't Russian, that person in question was obviously Stalin, I personally believe that glorifying these people and their legacies is sick and should he against the game rules, but that's for sheepy to decide
  8. stop spamming the feed with ur dog shit content and u wil lget there too dog
  9. I'd say this would work as a fitting replacing for some of the people mentioned
  10. Nobody cares stop spamming my feed
  11. @Buck Turgidson I have not read everything you said, because i can't handle all this bigotry, but from the first few things you claimed, it appears to me that you justify certain actions for the sole reason of them being conducted in the past, by your argument 'mighty jew of you' said to a Jewish person (like myself) is justified because n*zi's discriminated against Jews during the holocaust. Sorry but you need a wake up call, this is 2020 and such intolerance and bigotry isn't tolerated, or at least shouldn't. You may argue that as a class "white" people in America have it easier, or are more privileged so you justify racism towards them, but for consistency sake let's not exclude any class from being a victim of racism, and that includes white people, i hope you reflect on this and become a better person in the future.
  12. they are talking about elijah
  13. gay and cringe and disliked, get fricked nvm can't dislike
  14. goys pls sign petition pwease uwu owo ewe https://www.change.org/p/good-and-just-people-buck-unblcks-freza
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