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  1. I don't know if you're related to Phil of the future or what not but I can definitely say that for the armies of the 21st century, the infantry remains the backbone and almost all other elements exist in some way shape or form to support the infantryman. Nuclear weapons, missiles and drones cannot capture nor hold territory, two of the most important tasks for any military engaged in war. The fact that you also treat the potential use of Nuclear weapons as casually as the 1947 air force is quite frankly beyond disturbing. Nevermind that Eugenics is a meme science as far as applicability on humans is.
  2. Polls were pretty on the money. Rutte won(or will look to be winning) by more than expected not too dissimilar to Van der Bellen in Austria. Dominoes to me look like they're slowly starting to swing the other way. With back to back victories on the Mainland I think this is going to show a stronger message for the remaining electorate across Europe as a whole VVD looks to have lost some seats(about 10 or so) but so far still looks to be retaining the most. PvdA got completely demolished and apparently their loss was the Green's gain..
  3. Even as someone who has rarely found himself on the losing side of an Air war,(less than a handful) throughout my time in PnW, the lack of any sort of AA outside of other Air Units really didn't sit well with me over time as my own Air force grew. Larger Airforces with no equal opposition can destroy ridiculous amounts of ground units and infra with little opposition. Aircraft are still pretty powerful tbqh and I personally feel a dedicated Anti Air unit, or light Anti air capabilities on behalf of ground forces could do something to lessen that. Air Superiority can't be achieved from the ground but it sure as hell can be denied from it to varying degrees. That's just me though.
  4. ITT: OP fails to the see the point of why the game rejects certain ideas and elements, insisting that people get over it while being unable to get over the fact that the answer to his query is simply that the Admin does not wish these elements in his game.
  5. Private entities have the right to censor speech or ideas on their platforms. There is literally nothing else to it. He is well within his rights to ban elements he deems undesirable. Such actions are lawful. Sheepy is not a government agent or entity. End of story. There is nothing Immersive about wanting your desire to play Nazi Germany/similar factions because you, like everyone else making this argument in every WW2 game ever with very few exceptions don't actually want to play as them as they truly were if we're going by your immersion and historical accuracy argument. That is unless you want to argue as to the inclusion of Slave labor, Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing and Rape as well. After all, you are searching for historically accurate portrayals.
  6. To people outside the alliance it probably won't be much more than a few mil at best depending on relationships and presentation ect.. However, anyone from noobs to my superiors can probably vouch how stupidly generous I can get in BK. I've taken upwards of up to 25 million in debt back in the days of yonder 1.x million income through some tiny white lies at least once to help fellow alliance mates out.
  7. Never said Poland was invaded for no reason. It was invaded and Germany did have a reason for it. Though linking to statements and numbers provided by Joseph Goebbels to a Press Pamphlet doesn't quite inspire much confidence in the casus belli. Let alone the German affinity for false flag attacks to justify aggressive policies at the time. The only sources I've been able to find citing anything over 500 deaths on "bloody sunday" are a variety of apologia and white supremacist websites. . Lol no https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebensraum Ah yes. The (((truth))) is right here. It had nothing to do with the fact that the previous 400 years of English policy had almost always seen the English intervene on the mainland in the face of an expansionist power who they believed to be attempting to unify Europe(even if they were overall apathetic to the musings of Europe as a whole). First under Monarchy, then under simple expansionism. Nothing at all to do with deterring Germany with the potential of fighting a 2 front war in light of Germany's occupation liberation of Czechoslovakia in violation of yet another pre war agreement. As for atrocities(ignoring Goebbels spiel), if it was anything like the mistreatment of the Germans by the Czech's, then it could best be described as the sporadic and quite frankly rare show of aggression over a 20 year period of time which conveniently picked up in occurrence and intensity as the Nazi's infiltrated and funded various Germanic minorities political and covert actions in other countries It's not to say that tensions between German minorities and their ethnic majority hosts didn't exist(it certainly did), but to the degree the Nazi's claim it so is more than likely not to be outright fabrication. --------------- On another note, while humiliation is not the word I'd use to describe France in WWI, the Franco Prussian war was certainly nothing short of humiliation for France. Loss of her Army, massive infliction of Reparations post war and the military occupation and annexation of territories with gradual withdrawal in some first and others dependent upon payment was certainly not what France had in mind during the course of the Franco Prussian war. Those terms DO sound awfully familiar...though it doesn't change that France was dumb to pursue such a Revanch driven policy before and post Great War. Easy to have everyone employed when you get to define who or what constitute employment. I'm also not sure the Jews assaulted in the street or who's business were destroyed, deported minorities and 400,000 sterilized German citizens were particularly happy. If by so many people you mean Germany then you'd be correct. Ignoring Spain's Civil war and Italy's expeditions into Africa, The only power that could probably be said to be re arming would be the Soviets. British re-armament was basically non-existant until Hitler's withdrawal from the League of Nations and his denouncing of the Geneva Disarmament conference. France had kept a steady pace of advances, not too strange for it, though even it did not fully begin to mobilize for war until a few days prior to the German invasion of Poland. Poland itself was in the middle of preparing for war, but French assurances of support had basically caused them to stop out of request . All everyone told Germany to do was chill. Instead Germany because a program of secret re-armament at first from as early as 1919, that was later exposed during NatSoc rule and subsequently caused reactionary mobilizations. No one was interested in war. That's why the Anglo-Franco diplomats pushed appeasement as hard as they did to start off. As for the towns and cities, I direct you again to Lebensraum. The ultimate and driving goal of Nazi Germany was to find NEW living space for Germans which they could not find in Germany. In order to get a Germany which does not engage in the preparation of war, NatSocs and most SocDems would probably have be disqualified outright or the concept of Germanic expansionism needs to die with WW1. I don't disagree that public works are good. Though as you yourself have pointed out, there needs to be some type of reliable return on investment. The Military, of which is the worst of these options. The Italian Regia Marina was the only reason the Germans were able to do anything in Africa. Unlike the Kriegsmarine, the Marina also had to take on the full forces of the British Surface fleet in the Mediterranean, while the Germans spent the whole war attacking allied convoy transports instead. On the note of Japan, they really didn't have any other outlook outside of straight surrender. Japan got absolutely BTFO by Russian Mechanized divisions when they attempted to enter through the Russian-Mongolian border. They were running out of supplies via embargoes and some of the world's most abundant natural resources lie in SE Asia, who's colonial overlords were preoccupied largely in Europe. The US was always a problem in these plans, though Japan seemed convinced that it could copy Germanic gambles and get away with it. Secondly, the funny thing about war is that you don't always get to dictate the terms on which you fight it. Germany was running into larger and larger resource shortages in 1940. The bulk of its war effort subsidized by Soviet ore and oil that Stalin had been supplying. Germany's options were to either synthesize its material, which it wasn't anywhere close to in quantative amounts, continue waging a futile war of attrition against the British which it had no statistical chance of winning at that time, or it could take a gamble as it had done before in the Ardennes, in its militarization, in the annexation of the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately for Germany, and fortunately for not quite everyone but a decent amount of everyone else, they failed. It isn't Italy's or Japan's fault that the Germans, despite knowing the limitations of their own industry, continually pushed them over what they were able to manage. It wasn't either's fault that Germany, rather than build smart, economical weapons of war instead devoted itself to producing some of the most complex and questionably reliable weapons of war(I'm looking at you Gustav). Though at least they looked good. Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics. The Germans were great at the former but completely brain dead when it came to the latter Also I'm not going to reiterate again just how central the Racial policies were to Germany's goals so i won't. Operation Sea Lion was, is and will continue to be nothing but a meme. https://web.archive.org/web/20070504051527/gateway.alternatehistory.com/essays/Sealion.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sea_Lion_(wargame) http://mr-home.staff.shef.ac.uk/hobbies/seelowe.txt http://johndclare.net/wwii6_sealion.htm If you want a more accurate real life example of what would have happened, the Chinese have just the thing for you: https://www.usnwc.edu/getattachment/66540c7b-a562-42af-8f30-14f5563b8d83/TheBattleOfQuemoy.aspx Stalin WAS planning to betray Hitler and vice versa. The difference was that Stalin thought they'd attack later rather than sooner and Hitler thought he'd be attacked sooner than later. History favors the one who can write history. The Huns, Mongols, Vikings and such for example. Just about every single major piece of information we know about them was written by the literate classes of the people they conquered. The Lost cause of the South is another example of the losers of the war rewriting history. The Peloponnesian War accounts are almost entirely from Athenians, who ended up losing the war. Hell, the entire Easter Front of World War 2 and our collective knowledge of it TODAY is still damaged by the fact that most of the history was written by the Germans. The HUMAN WAVES meme, the One soldier carries the gun while the other carries the ammunition myth, the Polish cavalry charge into tanks myth ect... Movies such as Enemy at the Gates don't do much to help dispel any of these myths, even if they are quite a nice watch. In other words, we went speaking about European culture and people were being replaced with citizens of foreign nations in Current Year, to Speaking about European culture and people being replaced with citizens of foreign nations in the early-mid 20th century.
  8. Yes you absolutely can. The Citizens of Germany weren't interested in war. The Generals had previously opposed Hitler's moves in the Rhineland, Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia as a whole. Hitler's push for war from day 1 of his office(and before that in his writing), was directly responsible for what would become of Germany for the rest of the war. You're free to argue beyond that point, but I'm only stopping at VOE.timeline wise. The 1950's German Economic Miracle was an actual Miracle. The Nazi "Economic Miracle" was a mirage. Hitler borrowed excessive amounts of money as well as effectively drown arms manufacturers in IOU notes, to the point where by 1939 the German economy began to stagnate and even at full production could not afford to pay its interest. Had no war occurred, Germany would have economically collapsed right back into it's Wiemar Republic days post WW1. GB+FR: "Yo Hitler, we've played nice with you so far, but we're being serious now. Don't touch Poland" DE: *Invades Poland* GB+FR: *Declare war* You: "Germany didn't start this guys. It's not Germany's fault that they knowingly triggered a mutual defense pact." Basically summed up as, "If Germany didn't lose they would have won." Why people, intentionally or unintentionally, whether playing Devil's Advocate or legitimately questioning this matter always seem to want to avoid the fact that Hitler going to war with Russia was a literal inevitability is baffling. As for his people, see above re: Miracle. Hitlers policies were flat out unsustainable. He was a bad leader and failed his country with all of its goals. To secure more living space? Failed, To restore Germany economically? Failed. To Make Germany a great power again? Failed. To stop the spread of Communism? He arguably did more to advance its spread than anyone else in the period. --------- I don't care about the conversation at large tbh, but these particular bits are just mindbendingly wrong that I couldn't resist.
  9. Obama's list didn't actually "Ban" anyone for starters. It severely limited the visas to refugees from these 7 countries, but never outright stopped the flow. It also never targeted Dual Nationals, Green card/Visa holders, nonimmigrants and those refugees already in transit to the United States post approval from these nations. Though it did affect travelers to these areas during a certain time period. Even then it was with extra checks and not an outright ban. Trump targets all of the above and enacted an actual Ban rather than limiting Visas as the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 actually prescribed. Claiming to be National security conscious while allowing people in from nations who have by large been responsible for the majority of deaths on American Soil through religiously motivated terrorist attacks(AKA Saudi Arabia) while rejecting those who have either not been involved at all, or have made attempts but likely failed is hilarious admittedly. ISIS propaganda must be quite excited.
  10. "Inhale my dong enragement child". ------ Gratz to the parties on Peace.
  11. TIL: The Syrian Army in Palmyra == The whole world. Calling this a seemingly impossible victory is like saying that Brazil scored a seemingly impossible (consolation)goal within the last minute of the 2014 FIFA semi finals. Yea you got one goal(Palmyra), it doesn't change the fact that you're down by 6(Dabiq(MUH APOCALYPSE), Sinjar, Kirkuk, Ramadi, Fallujah,Kobani ect... ) with less than a minute to go.
  12. 40+ year career experience and ODA 574 being the closest thing he has to a black mark. Then again, he's a human and they aren't perfect. A pretty solid pick all around.
  13. Which is all fine and good but Rumsfeld wasn't mentioned. Americans were. "Americans like X, Y and Z have no leg to stand on while criticizing Castro" is a hell of a lot different than "Americans have no leg to stand on while criticizing Castro"
  14. This is kind of, but not exactly the lionizing I think Roz was talking about. The use of Whataboutism/tu quoue in this context. "Cuba was bad sure, but the US was worse" is a lazy cop out and prime example of things the left needs to stop doing. You can still oppose the Red scare, imprisonment of Gays ect...while still condemning Castro's regime. They aren't mutually exclusive and worst of all the implication is that Americans criticizing Castro are all somehow ok with or are trying to sidestep the bad America did. I consider myself fairly left leaning on most issues, but I'm not going to try and whitewash even in the slightest Castro's actions just because of something America did. Especially when I oppose all of the stated objections in American usage. It's frankly been nothing but a disappointment to me to see so many progressives in the US and abroad try to sidestep Castro's misdeeds because "BUT WHATABOUT AMERICA". Nothing against you personally speaking, just an observation after a few days.
  15. Your service is much appreciated as is the service of all veterans to their homelands. I have quite a few phone calls to make myself today, living in a Military family myself, though not having served personally(yet)
  16. I'll take What is the 1st amendment for $200 Alex
  17. This is the stuff baseball is made out of and I'm proud to call myself a fan today and for years to come. Watched every single game to term, 1-7. Congrats to Chicago! You guys earned this WS bar none.
  18. Didn't you hear? It's America's fault that Russia mistreated its neighbors so much that they literally ran to the other side by their own free will. /s
  19. What will happen: Russia and the US will cry at each other for 4 years. People will die in Proxy conflicts. I'm going to look back at this thread and the likely dozens of similar others by the next election cycle and shake my head just as hard.
  20. An American Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician is the first US service member to have died during the Assault on Mosul. The fourth to have died so far in Iraq as a whole since returning. Roadside bomb inflicting fatal wounds. Was airlifted to Kurdish capital but died despite the efforts to treat him.
  21. A nice little write up on the Makeup of the Iraqi SF if anyone is interested. TIL: The Counter Terrorism Service is Non Sectarian(includes Shiites, Sunni's, Kurds) The leader of the Golden Division is a Kurd SF have managed to stay good since being established in 2003 as opposed to the rife corruption elsewhere. Received the Golden Division name for their staunch defenses against ISIS at a time when the Iraqi army fell apart. Formerly known as the Dirty Division. Feared that PM or US would use and abuse them against Civilians. Neither came to pass.
  22. Aye, I'll defer on this as I'll be honest in not knowing directly. Last word i got were that JTACS were taking coordinates provided by Iraqi Forces/Kurds and relaying them for airstrike purposes while staying behind the forward assault line. But the SEALS again I'll defer to you on for specifics.
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