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  1. Did anyone else notice that the Politics & War guy looks like O'Hare from The Lorax? To demonstrate this I have modified him to fit the situation, notice how little editing I had to do to make him look just like O'Hare. O'Hare confirmed.
  2. It takes one credit? Last time I played it just required 30 score, when did they change it? And was there a way to make an alliance without spending a credit?
  3. I purchased a credit recently and it appeared in my resources immediately. Then a few hours later I no longer have the credit in my nation bank. I have yet to spend it, yet it's gone... I've already messaged Alex about it yesterday (hoping to get a reply soon). In the meantime I figured I'd make this post so people were made either aware of the bug, or made aware that they're not the only one experiencing it. Thank you,
  4. I'm sorry but it's the replies right here that I despise. You bring up that it's his right to ban it - And that was never argued. You don't bring up any constructive criticism behind the ban itself besides that he just has the right to do it. That was never being argued, the only thing argued here is WHY he banned it - And your suggestion to find another game shows that you are incapable of dealing with such controversy and would rather just send it away. You're literally asking someone to leave the community over the argument behind why a certain word was banned - Does that not seem the least bit counter-intuitive to you? This is a question as to why it would be banned due to its help in immersion - Never argued his right or his ability to do it. So I don't know why people have said that so many times. And at no point did I ever say that it was enough to make me quit the game - so I don't know why people bring that up either. Do you simply skim through it and pick-and-choose which information to gather from the thread, then decide your response? Or have you actually spent the time to think about this critically and with some sort of effort towards thought? EDIT: No offense, but I don't understand why people keep bringing these points up - even though I never argued them - and it kinda triggers me
  5. It's simple, this all revolves around 2 philosophies. 1. Emotional It is an offensive title that may hurt people's feelings 2. Logical It is a factual title commonly associated with negative effects (but) helps add realism and immersion to a simulation game And so far all counter-arguments (Besides legal ones - which were a legitimate argument) have been solely based on emotional philosophy.
  6. I mean in all honesty, is a jew going to go kill themselves because they saw someone on the internet use !@#$ in their leaders title? They might go, huh that guys a dick. But they're certainly not going to give nearly as much reaction as those who believe it to be offensive. That's the amazing thing about being "offended". Is you are always offended for someone else because you think they may be offended rather than you actually being offended.
  7. Those are aspects of the game that come with the gameplay. Naming a leader, or nation has a lot to do with the immersion, this is why it is even an option. And the leader title is just as important. And it's not banned because it's offensive, it's banned because it's controversial. If we banned everything offensive then dictators wouldn't even be allowed because it's offensive to people in third world countries. Just because it's offensive doesn't mean it should be outright banned or not allowed, and it's also the context in which it is used. "a ruthless, tyrannical leader.". That is the description of a [email protected]#$. This fits well alongside Totalitarian Dictatorships, so why then is it banned? It is simply because you take the text and apply it only to its historical value in Nazism, but it goes further than that. I mean it's like saying that the Swastika symbol should be banned just because Nazis used it, when in fact: it had been around for so much longer. And at no point did I say that he didn't have the right to ban it: But I did say it was wrong to do so.
  8. Don't get involved in a conversation you can't truly engage in. I'm just stating that for a nation simulation game it seems odd to limit what people can put due to its historical accuracy and its historical importance. You're just simply taking things too far. I never said he couldn't. I just said in my view that banning such things is wrong due to its important in history: It's almost like ignoring what happened. And for a nation simulation game to ban something like this just appeared odd to me, that's all
  9. And so what? To preserve the luxury of freedom of speech, and American values and a foreign country then blocking you for it - That would look bad for Germany not P&W
  10. Just because something was wrong doesn't mean you should force that on others - Its a nation simulation game, that includes tragedies. Get over it. If you're so opposed to it then kill the nation doing it, but don't straight up ban it from the community. And yes I do wonder, because last time I checked we all had the right to follow our own beliefs and ideologies, and you can hold those beliefs and ideologies and argue their value, if they are right or wrong, and other such but to straight up ban them because you disagree with them is just wrong.
  11. That seems like not that big of a deal - Seeing as how a majority of the community isn't German.
  12. Isn't he an American-based company? Then Germany cannot convict him of laws since they do not have control over American interests, business, or internet. And if they attempt to fight it in court - No judicial system would convict / find guilty such a small company for something so minor. (Especially since the said company is American - which means Germany cannot govern or control it with its own laws in any way, shape, or form)
  13. Of course not, the American government does not place nearly as many regulations on the internet as they do in reality. And in both cases the use of [email protected]#$ is not banned nor can they be fined for it.
  14. Now I'm not one to condone the actions of Nazism or Adolf Hitler. Nor am I to say that I support their cause/actions. However, I do have to disagree with your banning of the use of both !@#$ and Führer in the nation's leader title. Just because you don't support something doesn't mean it should be banned from your website. Politics & War is a nation simulation game based around simply put.. The simulating of nations! This requires immersion to play as such nations, and the removal of certain names or titles based on their historical controversy simply destroys that experience. In a nation game, does it not seem odd that you can't play under something as simple as a true historical title? That's like saying that because Britain once enslaved people that no one should be allowed to play as Britain. I understand that you do not endorse nazism, or approve of that time period. But in a game meant to be played as an immersive experience, it seems odd that you would enforce such views on those who want to immerse themselves in something that is historical, and factual. Made-up titles is one thing, and there is immersion to that (I'm not denying that at all). But forcing players to be unable to play as something because of your own beliefs or because of the controversy it may create is simply put: An immediate break in immersion. Thank you for listening, For those of you who are unwilling to listen to reason and/or think with nothing but emotion rather than take my words into account: Please direct all hate mail to my inbox. Please use the comments for counter-argument or constructive criticism rather than blatant attacks or emotion-based reactions. Thank you.
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