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  1. Oh the sweet sound/smell of gunpowder
  2. Ollysho

    Remove higher upkeep costs for being at war

    Yeah I definitely do think war should cost something, but honestly there is just no incentive to go to war right now.
  3. Ollysho

    Sigma - Declaration of Existence

    So are there like... different extents of neutral now and hard neutral is the most neutral? Or is it like.. neutral ish.
  4. Ollysho

    Temporarily Disbandment of ICE

    I'm legitimately impressed that this whole ICE thing is still going on.
  5. Ollysho


    The only problem I can see with this is the whole "I can't ever catch up to the big nations because they started playing before me". Of course that's how these games work but I don't think it should be anything massive
  6. Ollysho

    The Elysian League DoE

    Yeah there wasn't even an official proclamation of disbandment(to my memory) Although I do hope you guys succeed!
  7. Ollysho

    Season power and railway improvements

    I agree, I feel like the seasons idea jus creates a larger headache since seasons only last like a week RL time. But I like the idea of a railway project
  8. Ollysho

    Omission with the redesign

    I mean... maybe he's allergic?
  9. Ollysho

    Omission with the redesign

    I bet you hate puppies too
  10. Ollysho

    Omission with the redesign

    When you buy more infra than your improvements can power you don't get a notification/error message on the actual city page immediately. Although after you go to your city page you get the message but I liked when it would tell you immediately.
  11. Ollysho

    Name the war. Poll

    Is there any chance the poll could be closed? I just feel like this thread keeps getting bumped because people keep voting and it's irrelevant. (Yes I'm aware by commenting I'm also bumping it and standing against what I'm trying to say but it's to attempt to bring attention to the fact)
  12. Ollysho

    FSA no more!

    I mean really Sheepy shouldn't do anything. He didn't exploit any bug imo but in terms of IC it's an alliance leader that's taking advantage of his alliance members. The real question should be which alliance/will an alliance raid him to bits for it?
  13. Ollysho

    A Official BoC Announcement

    Oooo things are getting kind of juicy. Best of luck to you guys BoC
  14. Ollysho

    FSA Inethicalities

    Yeah honestly this didn't come as too much of a shock. The evidence seems to be stacked against you Byron and you have absolutely no defence....
  15. Ollysho

    City Names

    This is why this game is great. It's... it's this right there :')

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